Changning District

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Changning Skyline
Changning Skyline
Changning in Shanghai
Changning in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

About this sound Changning District  (simplified Chinese: 长宁区; traditional Chinese: 長寧區; pinyin: Chángníng Qū, Shanghainese: zan1nyin1 chiu1) is a district of Shanghai, China. It has a land area of 37.19 square kilometres (14.36 sq mi) and a population of 620,000 as of 2003. The district government is located at 1320 Yuyuan Rd. Zhongshan Park is located in the district.


Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is located in Changning. China Eastern Airlines has its headquarters, the China Eastern Airlines Building, on the airport grounds.[1][2] China Cargo Airlines has its headquarters on the airport property.[3] Spring Airlines has its headquarters in the Homeyo Hotel in Changning.[4][5] Juneyao Airlines has its headquarters in the district.[6]

Huazhu Hotels or China Lodging, which operates Hanting Hotels and other brands, has its headquarters in the district.[7][8]

Renren Inc. has its Shanghai office in the SOHO Zhong Shan Square (S: SOHO中山广场, T: SOHO中山廣場, P: SOHO Zhōngshān Guǎngchǎng) in Changning District.[9]

Parks and recreation[edit]

The Shanghai Zoo is located in the district.[10]

Subdistricts and town[edit]

Subdistricts: Huayang Road Subdistrict (华阳路街道), Xinhua Subdistrict (新华路街道), Jiangsu Subdistrict (江苏路街道), Tianshan Road Subdistrict (天山路街道), Zhoujiaqiao Subdistrict (周家桥街道), Hongqiao Subdistrict (虹桥街道), Xianxia New Village Subdistrict (仙霞新村街道), Chengjiaqiao Subdistrict (程家桥街道), Beixinjing Subdistrict (北新泾街道).[11]

Town: Xinjing (新泾镇).


Shanghai Yan'an High School, a school well known for its mathematics program.

Shanghai New Hongqiao High School is a private school.

Yew Wah School of Shanghai


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