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Type Soup
Course Breakfast
Place of origin Colombia
Main ingredients Water, milk, eggs, scallions
Cookbook:Changua  Changua

Changua (milk soup with eggs) is a typical hearty breakfast soup of the central Andes region of Colombia, in particular in the Boyacá and Cundinamarca area, including the capital, Bogotá. The dish has Chibcha origins.

A mixture of equal amounts of water and milk is heated with a dash of salt. Once it comes to a boil, one egg per serving is cracked into the pot without breaking the yolk, and allowed to cook for about a minute whilst covered. The soup is served in a bowl, garnished with scallions, which may be fried beforehand but usually are not, curly cilantro, and a piece of stale bread called "calado" which softens in the changua.

Modern versions of "Changua" include chicken stock instead of water, tomato concassee, chopped cilantro and "Choclo" Arepas.

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