Channel 3 (band)

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Channel 3
Also known as CH3
Origin Cerritos, California, USA
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1980–present
Labels Posh Boy TKO Records
Website [1]
Members Mike Magrann
Kimm Gardener
Anthony Thompson
Alf Silva
Past members Larry Kelly
Mike Burton
Jack DeBaun
Mike Dimkich

Channel 3, also known as CH3, is a punk rock band from Cerritos, California. Part of the Southern California punk scene of the early 1980s, the band had a sound that was more melodic than many of their hardcore contemporaries, and lyrics which ranged from thoughtful and satirical to bratty and self-indulgent. Songs like "You Make Me Feel Cheap" and "Separate Peace" were among the many sampled on punk compilations of the period, and the band's albums were modestly successful in both the U.S. and Europe.


Channel 3 centers around the friendship of Mike Magrann (vocals, guitar) and Kimm Gardner (guitar), which dates back to the second grade. Forming in 1980, the foursome included Larry Kelley (bass) and Mike Burton (drums, later replaced by Jack DeBaun). They released an EP, Channel 3, on Posh Boy Records in the summer of 1981 and began playing shows in the Los Angeles area. In the summer of 1982, their first album Fear of Life was released, and the band began their first US tour.

After 1983 the band experimented with other styles, alienating many of its original fans. Eventually it returned to its roots, touring Europe in the 1990s and releasing a more punk-oriented CD in 2002.


These are the North American versions. The UK and German releases sometimes had different titles and configurations.

  • Channel 3 (EP, 1981, Posh Boy)
  • Fear of Life (LP,1982, Posh Boy)
  • After the Lights Go Out (LP, 1983, Posh Boy)
  • Airborne (LP, 1984)
  • Last Time I Drank (LP, 1985)
  • Rejected (LP, 1989)
  • The Skinhead Years (CD, 1995, a reissue of Fear of Life and After the Lights Go Out)
  • CH3 (CD, 2002, Dr. Strange Records)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Rodney on the ROQ Volume 2 (1981)
    • Includes "You Lie"
  • The Future looks Bright (1981)
    • Includes "Waiting in the Wings" and "Manzanar"
  • Punk and Disorderly 2: Further Charges (1982)
    • Includes "I've got a gun"
  • American Youth Report (1982)
    • Includes "Catholic Boy"
  • Eastern Front Volume II (1982)
    • Includes "Mannequin"
  • Rodney on the ROQ Volume 3 (1982)
    • Includes "Separate Peace"
  • Posh Hits Volume 1 (1983)
    • Includes "You Make Me Feel Cheap"
  • Something to Believe in (1984)
    • Includes "Indian Summer"
  • Enigma Variations (1985)
    • Includes "True West"
  • Old School Punk (1995)
    • Includes "I've Got A Gun"
  • Redefining Scenes 2 (2004)
    • Includes Just on you

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