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Channel 5 may refer to:

In the Americas[edit]

  • Channel 5 (Canada), a Ukrainian-language digital cable specialty television channel
  • Channel 5 – Rosario, Argentine television station which broadcasts from the city of Rosario
  • Canal 5 (Peru), a Peruvian television network
  • Canal 5 (Televisa Network), a Mexican television network owned by Televisa
    • XHGC-TV, a television station in Mexico City, flagship of the Canal 5 network
  • Canal 5 Noticias, a news channel in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Great Belize Television, Belize television station, known as "Channel 5", founded in 1991 and broadcasting from Belize City
  • Paravisión, a Paraguayan televisión network in the Channel 5 Asunción, Paraguay
  • WNYW Channel 5, a U.S. station based in New York City
  • WTTG Channel 5, a U.S. station based in Washington, District of Columbia

United States[edit]

The following television stations brand themselves as channel 5 in the United States:

The following television stations, which are no longer broadcasting, formerly branded themselves as channel 5:

In Asia[edit]

In Europe[edit]

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