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Channel America
Type LPTV broadcast television network
Country USA
First air date
Availability defunct
Founded 1987[2]
by David Post
Parent Channel America Broadcasting

Channel America (CA), officially Channel America Network, Inc.,[3] was the first United States terrestrial broadcast television network to be intentionally assembled out of LPTV, or low-power television licensees. The network was founded by David Post in 1987[2] and launched in 1988.[1] It offered a 24-hour feed of mostly inexpensive programming, delivered to its affiliate stations, many owned and originally established by the network, via satellite.


Channel America was founded in 1987 by David Post, who had hopes of creating a network with 1,000 low-power television stations.[2] The network never reached its goal in terms of affiliates, but still launched in 1988.[1] In 1990, Channel America moved to get more affiliated cable operator's local origination channel by rolling out a three-hour package of programming with interactive elements, Hometown USA, with American Television & Communications committing a "best-of-local-origination series with the working title Off Broadway.[2]

In late 1995, the network peaked with a reach of 44,000,000 households through 100 affiliates. On September 18, 1995, EVRO Entertainment of Kissimmee, Florida acquired a 51% interest in the Channel America Network, with the option to buy the remaining 49%.[4]

On July 1, 1996, the Channel announced that they would air a preview of My Pet Television Network, a joint venture of Nightwing Entertaintment Group, Inc. and The Humane Society of the United States, on September 9.[5]

The network went off the air in 1996. In March 1997, its parent company and LDE Media Techniqs, Morton Downey Jr.'s company, agreed to merge. Downey planned to launch a news magazine called Boyz Night Out on the revived network.[5]


In addition to its cable access programming mentioned above, among the other shows on Channel America was Hot Seat, a talk show hosted by Wally George which was produced by KDOC in Anaheim, California. (Ironically, KDOC never joined the Channel America network). The network also aired several classic shows from Columbia Pictures Television, including Hazel, Gidget, The Flying Nun, Family, Ghost Story, Bridget Loves Bernie, and The Fantastic Journey.

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