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In various fantasy games and other fiction as well as in occultism, the term Chaos Energy describes some sort of magical energy.

In some fictional universes, it can be found solidified in the form of stones. Examples include


For some real-world esotericists, chaos energy is negative and destructive, so it opposes positive, life-supporting energy. It is supposed to be emitted by man-made objects (electromagnetic pollution would then be one example). For others, it just opposes Order without especially negative connotations. Most think of it as the energy generated by all conflicting forces such as life energy (the energy that sustains life) and death energy (the energy that cancels life out). Also, on occasion, Chaos Energy is referenced as a mix of the energies of light and darkness. Generally, however, this product energy is more destructive and dark.

Chaos energy is frequently described as self-feeding, growing and growing until stopped. Its effect on the minds of most living things, physical or not, is usually very detrimental, resulting in madness, anger, and other harsh emotions.[1]


While chaos in itself is a theoretically uncontrollable energy, it is said to be able to be controlled by use of iron or even steel.[2]

Most use of chaos energy is frowned upon by the magic and psionic community. Those who attempt to control chaos energy with a variety of methods, mainly the 'iron' method, are treated as unstable, insane, or reckless.

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