Chaos Theory (ER)

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"Chaos Theory"
ER episode
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 1
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Jack Orman
Original air date September 26, 2002 (NBC)
Episode chronology
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"Dead Again"
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Chaos Theory is the 180th episode of the NBC television series, ER.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Continuing the events of last season, the smallpox crisis continues to escalate. When the CDC confirms that the outbreak is a mutated form of monkey-pox originating from the Congo, Lewis is ordered to evacuate the entire hospital while Carter, Abby, Chen, Pratt and a patient named Stan remain quarantined.

Weaver aids the evacuation from outside in the ambulance bay while Gallant begins inoculating everyone locked down in the ER. On the roof Romano argues with Kovac and Lewis over the use of the last remaining helicopter. Romano backs into the choppers tail rotor and his arm is severed above the elbow.

Kovac and Lewis attempt to stabilise him and Kovac is forced to take him back down to the deserted ER where he’s aided by Chen and Pratt who fight to keep him alive, leaving Lewis trapped on the roof with a patient who goes into cardiac arrest and later dies despite her best efforts to save him.

Meanwhile Anspaugh arrives with a surgical team who are reluctantly allowed into the ER to attempt to reattach Romano’s arm.

Two weeks later, the ER is re-opened and Carter and the others are given the all clear. Meanwhile, Corday has returned to England and is now working at her father’s private hospital. However, her Americanised ways do not go down well with her new colleagues and realising that County is where she truly belongs she decides to return to Chicago.


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