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For other uses, see Chapels (disambiguation).

A Chapel is a private church or area of worship.

Chapel may also refer to:

In architecture:

  • Chapel, in British English a building used for church services which is not a parish church or cathedral church of a diocese and so by extension, now obsolescent, a name also used for a church of a nonconformist denomination
  • Chapel Royal, establishment of clergy, choir and musicians in a royal household
  • Lady chapel, chapel inside a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Wedding chapel, place, other than a legal court, and usually also, other than a church, where couples can legally marry

particular chapels

In geography as a placename:

In industry:

  • Local union, a locally-based trade union organisation which forms part of a larger, usually national, union
  • Father of the Chapel, a printers' workshop, a printing-office, a meeting or association of the journeymen in a printing-office
  • Chapel (programming language), a parallel programming language developed by Cray Inc.

In fiction:

In other fields:

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