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Char Davies (born 1954) is a Canadian contemporary artist who uses technologies associated with virtual reality.

Her first immersive virtual environment was Osmose (1995),.[1] She has created in new media, and immersive virtual space as an "experiential spatial-temporal arena' for de-habituating, or de-automatizing, our everyday perception."[2]

Davies' work has been exhibited and has been featured in books, journals, and catalogues. Her essays have appeared in anthologies.

She was a founding director of the 3D CG software company Softimage, its first vice-president (1987–94) and director of visual research (1994–97).[3]

Life and work[edit]

In 1993, Davies began exploring virtual reality as an experiential spatiotemporal arena for questioning habitual perceptions about nature and "being", and affirming our embodiedness in the world. Integrating 3D visual elements and spatially localized sound with interaction based on breath and balance, Davis created an immersive virtual environment in Osmose (1995).[4] This was followed by Ephémère (1998),[5] which represents landscape and the interior body as intertwined fluxing spatialities, and incorporates the participant's gaze as an additional means of interaction.

Davies is based in rural Québec and San Francisco.[6]



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