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This is a list of characters in the Monster High series. They are all fictional characters who have appeared in Monster High that is composed of dolls, games, books, or other paraphernalia, where the main characters are children of famous Universal Monsters.[1]


Principal characters[edit]

Frankie Stein[edit]

Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higgins in English) is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride in most of the various franchise makings. In the books, however, she is the their granddaughter. Frankie is the sweetest, most heartful girl at Monster High, and believes that everyone's flaws make them unique. Starting at 15 days old, she is also the youngest student at Monster High. She is very optimistic and never gives up in the face of adversity. However, since her all her prior knowledge about teen relationships came from magazines, she can be a bit naive and inexperienced in teenage issues, but that's never stopped her! Being a Frankenstein's monster herself, she has light green skin and her body is literally stitched together. Because of this, her arms and legs can be detached from her body and still move, which she has used several times to help her friends. Early on, her limbs often flew off accidentally, but she has gotten much better at controlling them. Along with this, she is powered by lightning and has to be recharged every night as seen in "New Ghoul at School". She can also emit lightning for self-defense and to power electronics in a pinch, but most often ends up accidentally shocking people. She also has two cases of Heterochromia in her eyes (the left is blue, the right is green) and in her hair (half black and half white).


Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry in all other appearances, Dee Dee Green in "Ghouls Rule" and "Scaris: City of Frights", Sue Swan in "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action" and "Freaky Fusion") is a vampire and the daughter of Dracula. Her primary trademark name was originally Ula D, and now is a shortening for Draculaura, while she is called Lala for short in the books. The character was initially 1,599 years old and turned 1,600 in the webisode "Party Planners" along with Frankie and in the film Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love, with Mattel releasing a doll line based around her birthday. Draculaura is considered a vegan-vampire, as she does not eat blood or meat, though she has been spotted eating dairy products such as ice cream; as in the first Monster High book, just labeled Monster High, she eats ice cream. She is dating Clawd Wolf, Clawdeen's older brother, and has a pet bat named Count Fabulous, and she absolutely adores pink. Draculaura is one of the most popular monsters at school, due to her friendliness. In the French Dub of the franchise, she is not given as a high pitched voice. In Frights, Camera, Action, Draculaura ends up getting her vampire powers unlocked after helping Elissabat.

Draculaura is a sweet, caring, animal-loving girl who dresses her bat, Count Fabulous, all girly-like; which is one of her favorite addictions. Draculaura is a sweet and loving girl and her favorite class is creative-writing. She also faints when hearing the "blood" word. Draculaura is an anti-blood vegetarian.

Clawdeen Wolf[edit]

Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti in all other appearances, Celeste Henderson in “Scaris: City of Frights”, “13 Wishes”, and “Frights, Camera, Action!” and soon “Freaky Fusion”) is the daughter of the Werewolf. Clawdeen is fifteen years old and comes from a rather large family, though she has only had three siblings seen so far (Clawdia, Clawd and Howleen). She also calls herself “The Alpha Wolf of Style”. Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Draculaura (whose father sometimes objects when Clawdeen visits her). She complains about her younger sister Howleen (with whom she shares a bunk bed) because Howleen is constantly chewing on her shoes, borrowing her clothes, and wiping her nose on her jackets. She and her entire family (except for Clawd) all speak with a Brooklyn accent. Clawdeen has trouble keeping her werewolf side in check; this side of her can emerge at the sight of a full moon or any other similarly bright light source as exemplified in the episode “Talon Show”. She is quite strong, being seen holding up at least three ghoulfriends in cheerleading sessions. Clawdeen dreams of owning her own fashion design brand, plays on the soccer team, and in the webisodes, it is shown that she enjoys track and field. Clawdeen disliked Cleo de Nile at first, because she incorrectly thought that Cleo had cheated on Clawd with Deuce Gorgon. After Clawd explains to her that his breakup with Cleo was in fact mutual, Clawdeen and Cleo become frenemies soon after, even though they are both on the fearleading squad. Clawdeen hated the idea of Draculaura and Clawd dating and tried to stop it but, eventually she accepted the relationship. She has a purple pet kitten named Crescent. Clawdeen Wolf is a member of Monster High's fearleading squad.

Cleo de Nile[edit]

Cleo de Nile (voiced by Salli Saffioti in all other appearances, Celeste Henderson in "Scaris: City of Frights","13 Wishes", and "Freaky Fusion") is the daughter of The Mummy named Ramses de Nile and the younger sister of Nefera. She is 5,842 years old. Her clothing motif is bandages and hair gold. Cleo does not get along with Nefera because Nefera uses every opportunity she can to humiliate her younger sister and get her into trouble with her father. Cleo is considered spoiled rotten, but will always help her friends if necessary. Cleo does have a good heart, but hides it behind her popularity. Cleo is also the tallest girl out of her main group of friends. She is the leader of the fearleading team. Her true love is Deuce Gorgon.

Deuce Gorgon[edit]

Deuce Gorgon (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volumes 1 and 2, Cam Clarke in Volume 3, Evan Smith for the rest of Volume 3 and for 4) is the son of the gorgon Medusa. Like his mother, he has snakes for hair, which he styles in a "snake-hawk". He is 16 years old and hopes to get his drivers' license soon. He is a member of the casketball team. He also loves to cook and is quite a skilled chef, but he is too self-conscious to showcase his culinary ability to anyone. Deuce inherited his mother's ability to turn people into stone, though he has been able to control the effect so that it lasts for only about twenty-four hours. His petrifying stare does not work on gargoyles which he learns by bumping into Rochelle Goyle. He takes off his sunglasses only when he talks to her. In "Hiss-teria", he reveals that he accidentally petrified his first pet (a dragon named Smokey) when he was a young boy and the effect has lingered to the present day. Deuce is dating Cleo, who seems to always find new ways for him to spend all his money on her. Despite that, Deuce genuinely loves Cleo and wrote a song to express his feelings for her. His pet is a two-tailed rat which he named Perseus after Perseus who Medusa clashed with in her past. Understandably, Medusa is not amused. His favorite color is neon green, which neon green is the color of his hair and Neon Green eyes. His favorite food is "Greek Fusion" (his own creation).

Lagoona Blue[edit]

Lagoona Blue (voiced by Laura Bailey) is the daughter of the Gill-man and a sea nymph. She is a kind and loving girl, with a tomboyish silent to her clothes, and has problems with Gil's parents due to her sea-monster heritage. Though, they started to like her only for being a freshwater monster when she turned into one from Howleen's wish in "13 Wishes". Lagoona is a kind and friendly ghoul, who loves swimming. She also loves Gloom Beach and playing water-volleyball. She is dating Gillington "Gil" Webber.

Ghoulia Yelps[edit]

Ghoulia Yelps (voiced by Audu Paden) is the daughter of a zombie couple, and Cleo's personal assistant. She is 16 in monster years and has a pet baby blue owl named Sir Hoots a Lot. The smartest ghoul at Monster High, Ghoulia is a shy and bookish girl, but her best friend, Cleo de Nile, refuses to let her be the wallflower at a party. She can only speak in the zombie language (moans and groans) due to physical limitations that all zombies have. Ghoulia's social life has improved greatly since befriending Cleo. She is the shortest girl at Monster High. Part of this may be because as a zombie, she never stands up straight. Ghoulia has a romantic interest in Slo-Moe, a tall male zombie on the chess team. Ghoulia is well-known to be a hardcore fan of "Dead Fast", an in-universe comic book series. She also has a love for the game of dodgeball. Her favorite color is red.

Abbey Bominable[edit]

Abbey Bominable (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) is the sixteen year old daughter of the Yeti. Her original language is "Russian-Yetish", the Russian version of Yetish, if the language and accent are not all the same, perhaps. Like opposites attract, Abbey feels the same way about Heath as he does for her; as properly by her culture, she is flattered by his crush on her, and like-likes him back. Heath is still pretty flirtatious, but no ghoul could possibly melt his flaming heart like the "Most Beautiful Ghoul in School", Abbey Bominable. In her basic look, she wears bright-purple eyeshadow on her lids, with pink on the creases, pink lipstick to go, has long lashes that look fake in all outfits of the whole franchise and wears a fuzzy, white headband, holding her bangs back to expose more of her forehead. Abbey likes delicacy yak-meat (which yak is a popular animal where she comes from). Abbey has yeti-tusks that pop up from the bottom of her mouth, touching her upper lip. She can freeze anything into ice with her "yeti powers". Abbey is also noted by fans (said how pretty she is) and Monster High males (shown by looks in "Back-to-Ghoul", even by Deuce Gorgon as to be "The Prettiest Ghoul (or girl) in School". Her parents are good friends with Headless Headmistress Bloodgood where she lets Abbey stay at her house during the school week.

Spectra Vondergeist[edit]

Spectra Vondergeist (also voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) (name originally trademarked as "Spectra Von Hauntington") is the daughter of the ghosts. She is sixteen in monster years, same as Ghoulia Yelps. Spectra can haunt the halls of Monster High, and literally see things that no one else can (Due to her ability to sneak through walls and under the grounds). She posts the "Ghostly Gossip" blog, and wears magenta-and-purple like makeups and clothing. Spectra's favorite color is violet and she has hair straighter in the doll line than in the webisodes. Like Abbey, she is a rare meaning of the words main character. Spectra is first introduced as a main character in the show in the special "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?", and she is as also shown in picture in almost all the book-intros of the CGI specials. Spectra also runs a blog called "The Ghostly Gossip".

Monster High Students[edit]

Madison Fear[edit]

Madison Fear (voiced by Madison Beer) is the daughter of two sirens and is age fourteen. Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Draculaura. Her upper body is more human-like while her lower body has blue scales and fins. Her name is a homage to Madison Beer.

Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde[edit]

Jackson Jekyll (voiced by Cindy Robinson) is a cute normie boy at Monster High, and enjoys sports (because he is athletic due to Holt) and video games. Jackson is the son of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Sydney Jekyll.

Holt Hyde (also voiced by Cindy Robinson) is the alter-ego version of Jackson Jekyll and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde, who he turns into when loud music plays (sweat in the Lisi Harrison novels). He is smart (Jackson), polite (as seen when near Gigi in 13 Wishes), cool, overacting, and actually quite hotheaded of a temper and an attitude, same as Operetta. Holt hates being told what to do, and is less educated than Jackson due to spending less time on the outside as Jackson being the one out most of the time, but was said to be smart by saying "I get good grades without even studying" in the book, "Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door". He has Jackson's intelligence due to them sharing a brain and barely a body, which is why Jackson is athletic. Holt is thought of somewhat as a "criminal", but still hates being accused of being thought of doing something he did not do, such as "Ghouls Rule".

Clawd Wolf[edit]

Clawd Wolf (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in "Fur Will Fly", Ogie Banks in later appearances, Marcus Griffin in "13 Wishes" and "Frights, Camera, Action") is the son of the Werewolf who is also the 17-year-old older brother of Clawdeen, Howleen, and Clawdia. According to "Bat Dialing Disaster", he has already had his birthday, which must officially make him 18 years old. He is the oldest child still living in his parent's house. He dated Cleo prior to Frankie attending Monster High in the dolls' diaries when he was struck by one of C.A. Cupid's arrows. Eventually, the magic wore off and he broke up with Cleo who began dating Deuce the next day. Clawd is the Big Monster on Campus and plays on the casketball team with Deuce. He owns a pet gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena. He is also overprotective of his sisters Clawdeen and Howleen according to "Fright On!"

Heath Burns[edit]

Heath Burns (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volume 1, Cam Clarke in the other volumes) is the teenage son of two Fire Elementals. In the Polish version of Monster High webisodes, his name is Ross Burla. He is the cousin of Jackson, revealed in Jackson's first appearance "Fear Pressure", making him Holt's cousin as a fire elemental (Holt's a fire elemental). He was first seen as a background character in "Substitute Creature". In "The Hot Boy", he was shown to be Draculaura's short-lived crush. Heath has since become a regular character in the webisodes, and the character has been trademarked for a doll. Trademarkia listing for Mattel - Heath Burns. In "Fear Pressure", he mentions that Jackson is his normie cousin, a possible reference to when many fans confused Heath for Holt Hyde. Heath's first mention in the dolls' continuity is in Abbey's diary where he is constantly hitting on her with corny one-liners. Heath primarily serves as the comedy relief, being the butt of many physical jokes and the class clown. In the first novel, Heath appears to be a normie (human). In Book 2, "The Ghoul Next Door", this Heath is revealed to be a RAD (monster) when he sneezes fire. He explains that his ability appeared when he turned fifteen. Starting out as gassy outbursts, Heath's ability is still dangerous. In the original French dub, his name is changed to Thomas Crané.

Manny Taur[edit]

Manny Taur (voiced by Audu Paden) is the son of the Minotaur and a school bully who picks on Jackson Jekyll and the little devil boy. Manny also has a dislike of zombies. The CGI projects show him to be friends of Heath Burns and Holt Hyde. He has a little sister named Minnie according to Frankie in "Miss Infearmation".

Cymon Clops[edit]

Cymon Clops is an extremely tall cyclops who is a member of the casketball team. He is good friends with his casketball teammates and Manny Taur. His name is not given an exact spelling, due to never being trademarked as a doll.

Toralei Stripe[edit]

Toralei Stripe (voiced by America Young) is 15 years old, the daughter of a werecat (Might refer to as male, but most likely female, since werecats are most likely dominated as females, and especially with catgirls or nekomimi's). She is an orange werecat who was introduced in the webisode "Scream Building," along with Meowlody and Purrsephone. Toralei, who hates to be rubbed the wrong way, is extremely catty and justifies her attitude by stating that it is her desire to see cause-and-effect. She was a fearleader until she and the rest of the fearleaders, except Frankie, grew tired of Cleo's perfectionism and quit. She later tries to rejoin, but is rejected. Cleo's most recent diary reveals that Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody are on the squad because of the influence of her older sister, Nefera, who apparently keeps in touch with the trio after having graduated. Toralei's diary reveals why she harbors ill will towards Cleo; Toralei had helped Cleo practice her gymnastics skills to help her make the fearleading squad, which Cleo never thanked her for. To add insult to injury, Nefera named Cleo the new captain of the fearleading team over Toralei, who was expecting to be chosen. Despite her extreme dislike of Cleo, Toralei refuses to resort to using dirty tricks to ensure that her squad beats Cleo's in competition. Toralei's doll has a tail, unlike her depiction in the webisodes and CGI animation (Either that or it is just hidden under her clothes on purpose). Her pet is a baby saber-toothed tiger cub named Sweet Fang. Her name is changed to Toralei Rayure in the original French dub version.

Meowlody and Purrsephone[edit]

Meowlody and Purrsephone (both voiced by America Young) are twin werecats who met Toralei at the pound. Both have dark gray fur; the hair on Persephone's head is predominantly black, and the hair on Meowlody's head is predominantly white. Though they do not dress exactly alike, their clothes are stylistically similar. They used to have a pet canary, but one of them turned out to be allergic and had to give the bird away. The twins are annoyed by the assumption that, because they are twins, they think alike. Meowlody name is apparently based off the words "Meow" and "Melody", as Purrsephone's name being based off the word "Purr" and the original name Persephone, the Greek goddess. The werecats are best friends with Toralei Stripe. Purrsephone and Meowlody's birthday is on the 31st of December. In the French dub, Purrsephone's name is changed to something not easy to get by to English-speakers.


Operetta (voiced by Gigi Sarronio in volume 1, Cindy Robinson for the rest of the volumes) is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. Her name is a pun and base off of "operetta", a shorter, lighter form of opera. She was born in France, but raised in Gnarlestone, South Carolina where her father haunted a riverboat. Because of this, she speaks with a tight southern drawl. Her family moved to Monster High as part of a job to fix an old opera theater that is within the school's catacombs. Her diary is unique in that it is written as a letter to her guitar teacher and friend, Fynn. Operetta has red hair, wears 1950's rockabilly-styled clothing (saddle shoes!), and a music note mask over her right-hand eye. She is a talented musician like her father, but her voice is only safe to listen to on a recording. She has a recording studio underneath the catacombs. Operetta was first mentioned in Holt's diary where the two go on a date. Operetta is mentioned again when Spectra spreads a rumor that Deuce is cheating on Cleo with Operetta; in reality, Operetta was merely assisting Deuce with writing a song for Cleo. Operetta's first appearance was in "Hiss-teria".

Howleen Wolf[edit]

Howleen Wolf (voiced by America Young in most appearances, Lara Jill Miller in some webisodes) is a werewolf who is Clawd, Clawdia and Clawdeen's younger sister at the age of fourteen. Clawdeen and Howleen are rivals and ghoul friends forever. She is the third daughter of The Werewolf to Clawdeen. Howleen considers her sense of style as "werepunk", but Clawdeen characterizes Howleen's style as like "she got dressed 'in the dark'". She shares a room with Clawdeen and is stealing everything and constantly borrowing Clawdeen's clothes without asking. Howleen is also interested in playing a guitar as shown by Operetta. Howleen displays puppy behavior such as chewing on Clawdeen's shoes and even wipes her nose on her sister's jackets. Howleen becomes friends with Abbey after Abbey comes to her defense when she is being bullied by Manny (and Abbey scared him away by tying a horseshoe in a knot).

Sloman "Slo-Moe" Mortovitch[edit]

Sloman "Slo-Moe" Mortovitch (voiced by Audu Paden, and voiced by anonymous while speaking English in "Flowers for Slo-Moe") is a zombie who was originally addressed as Moe "Slow Moe" Deadovitch instead throughout the series, before any dolls were released and before it was officially addressed on Monster High's website in the description of "Flowers for Slo Moe". He is Ghoulia's official boyfriend. He is now the leader of the zombies as he is the student disembodied president. But the president thing works a little differently in 13 Wishes. Slo-Moe's name is originally changed to "Gros Toumou" in the French dub.

Rochelle Goyle[edit]

Rochelle Goyle (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald with a French accent) is the daughter of a Gargoyle couple and is 415 years old. Rochelle is from Scaris, France and a new transfer student at Monster High. Being from Scaris, she speaks with a French accent. Her style is a mixture of iron rot and stain glass. Rochelle is very protective of her friends, but this can tend to get in the way of friends who don't desire her protection. Purrsephone and Meowlody once encountered a French gargoyle who ruined a prank they were trying to play on Ghoulia. Rochelle has an unrequited crush on Deuce Gorgon and he can look at her without his sunglasses on as gorgons' and basilisks' stares do not affect gargoyles. Rochelle knows about Deuce's girlfriend, Cleo, but still has a crush on him. In the movie she is shown to have had a love interest in Scaris that was left behind but goes back to find him. Rochelle loves to sculpt and is fond of architecture. Her pet is a gargoyle griffin named Roux. She was revealed at the NYC Toy Fair and released in May.

Robecca Steam[edit]

Robecca Steam (voiced by Julie Maddalena in an English accent) is a robot who is the 116-year-old daughter of Hexchiah Steam. Her heart is the vampire's heart that was taken by Elissabat and given to her father (Hexachiah) to hide so that no one would know that Elissabat was the queen (for fear she would be controlled by her uncle Lord Stoker) as seen in "Frights, Camera, Action". Eventually, Robecca's heart led her to Elissabat where Draculara talked her into being the queen because it was her right. Her skin is copper, she is the famous roller-maze champion. she tends to follow her instincts, and is very sweet. She can do a lot of tricks and perform monstrous stunts.

Venus McFlytrap[edit]

Venus McFlytrap (voiced by Julie Maddalena) is the fifteen year old daughter of the Plant Monster (father). She likes to wear loud and flashy clothing to attract monsters's attention for her world cause, and see she's also a plant monster. She is a strong-advocate for environmental issues sometimes she will blow pollen that persuades monsters to her cause. Her pet is a Venus flytrap named Chewlian.

Some fans of the franchise say that she bears resemblance to Avril Lavigne.

Scarah Screams[edit]

Scarah Screams (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald in Volumes 1-4, Paula Rhodes in half of volume 4) is a the daughter of the Banshee, which is an Irish, female, screaming monster. Being a banshee, she is quite feared, as other monsters believe if a banshee tries to talk, it screams. Hoodoo had helped her get over her shyness, and not be afraid to make friends or speak to others. Scarah has her second speaking role in "I Scream, You Scream" where she helps Cleo and in this episode she is shown to be telepathic. A banshee is an Irish spirit that is known for her haunting songs. Being part of an Irish lore, Scarah states she is from Ireland and henceforth speaks with a light Irish accent. Scarah has white eyes with no irises or pupils, green skin, and jet black hair styled in a bouffant flip. In Howleen's diary, she mentions a banshee friend who cannot keep a secret, obviously referring to Scarah. She was one of three characters (the other two being the Headless Headmistress and the Daughter of Arachne) in the running to be the next new Monster High character to debut as a doll. Mattel conducted a ballot poll at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International, their official Facebook page, and the official Monster High website to determine which character would receive the honor. On August 11, 2011, the official Monster High Facebook page announced that Scarah received the most votes in the poll. The Scarah Screams prototype doll was unveiled at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International, and the official doll was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Her first doll available to stores was released exclusively to Toys "R" Us, as part of the "I Heart Fashion" line. Her best friends are Hoodoo Voodoo and her boyfriend, Invisi Billy.

Gory Fangtel[edit]

Gory Fangtel (voiced by Cindy Robinson) is a vampire girl, she speaks with a sort of southern accent and has a little beauty mark on the left cheek under her eye, shown in-between her glasses. is the female head-leader (or "Queen") of the whole Belfry Academy "vampire pack" along with his male head-leader ("King") Bram Devien. She is pretty mean, she tends to pick on Draculaura and according to Fright On! (which is pun on "right on") was originally the type of monster to not be able to like anyone who's not a vampire. By the end of the TV special, she has changed completely and has lent a helping hand in the talk of the cause for goodness in Hisstoria. She appears in the background of Ghouls Rule, Friday Fright Nights, and "13 Wishes". She originally came from Belfry Prep School, as due by Fright On. In 13 Wishes, Gory was seen in the girls' room bullying Howleen Wolf where she quotes: "You don't belong in this ghouls room, you don't belong anywhere." After Howleen Wolf made a wish to become popular, Gory began to hang out with her. Gory is friends with unnamed girls and Toralei Stripe and the werecat twins. In "Frights, Camera, Action", it is revealed that Gory gained her vampire powers by saving a vampire lord.

Iris Clops[edit]

Iris Clops (voiced by Kate Higgins in "Fear the Book" and by Paula Rhodes by volume 4) is a cyclops. She has a relationship with Manny Taur in volume 4. She has pale white-green skin, darker green freckles, bright, deep green hair in two pigtails, and a giant, deep-olive-green eye that matches her hair. Iris is a sweet, friendly girl who suffers from severe clumsiness, due to her lack of depth perception from having only one eye. Despite her regular trips, spills and injuries, she tries not to let it get her down. She is also very passionate about astronomy, and likes to watch the stars at night in a small observatory built by her father. In "So You Think You Can Date", she watches the fireflies as stars in the catacombs with Manny. Despite she claiming to him that they are through in So You Think You Date, in "Inner Monster 2.0", she claims that she doesn't want to break up with him because he is the boy she likes. Iris Clops also made her first speaking role in "Fear the Book". By volume 4, she changed her look a whole lot. Shown by "So You Can You Can Date", Iris appears to be friends with Cleo de Nile, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, and Ghoulia Yelps.

Jinafire Long[edit]

Jinafire Long (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is the daughter of two Chinese dragons. Like most dragons, she has the ability to breathe fire and has golden scales. Although kind and helpful, she has a bit of a temper, and says: "Problems are not always solved by demonstrations of strength." She also has seven brothers with no female siblings. She also was shown in the movie "Scaris: City of Fright" as she, Skeltia, and Clawdeen were in a contest. She speaks a calm, girly, high Chinese accent, and is as calm as her accent. Jinafire also loves to make friends, and Jinafire has a very kind soul. She has a bad temper which can make her burst things into flames. But ever since she melted her first iCoffin, she's tried to be better about it.

Bram Devien[edit]

Bram Devien (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in earlier appearances, Evan Smith in later appearances) is a vampire who is the male head-leader (or "King") of the whole Belfry Academy "vampire pack" along with his female head-leader ("Queen"), Gory Fangtell, and he's bleached blond with darker brows. Bram is a pale-skinned, red-eyed vampire-boy with blue rings around his eyes, which may be shadow. He has a 'nasty attitude', same as his girlfriend, and Bram hated werewolves at the beginning of "Fright On!". He appears in none of the CGI specials, but Gory does.

Invisi Billy[edit]

Invisi Billy (voiced by Evan Smith) is the son of the Invisible Man. Invisi Billy is a complete prankster, but can be kind and sweet, as in helping Rochelle with her dance in "Fright Dance". Invisi Billy does a lot of pranks, like tying people's shoe laces together and other things. His girlfriend is Scarah Screams, as they got together in the webisode Scarah-Voyant thanks to Frankie and so. He now has a regular profile, where he is added a favorite food to it, and is changed a lot, even the artwork, except the pet and least favorite subject are not changed. His name is sometimes misspelled by fans as "Invisi Billi". His BFFs are Scarah Screams and Catty Noir.

Skelita Calaveras[edit]

Skelita Calaveras (voiced by Laura Bailey) is a 15 year old undead-skeleton from Hexico, and speaks with a light, soft, quiet, girly, Hexican (Mexican) accent. She told the heritage of her necklace that she wears in her basic (Scaris: City of Frights outfit) in "Scare-itage". Skelita is very close with su familia (her family), and tries to help them each way she can. Her best friends are Jinafire Long and Clawdeen Wolf.

Catrine DeMew[edit]

Catrine DeMew (voiced by Kate Higgins in "Scaris: City of Frights", Karen Strassman in Volume 4) is a white werecat with purple shoulder-length hair who is also an artist from Scaris (the monster version of Paris). The girls meet her while exploring the attractions of Scaris in the special "Scaris: City of Frights". Catrine makes several other cameos in said special. She has officially now joined Monster High according to the new "New Scaremester" line of doll-assortment clothing.


Twyla (voiced by Jonquil Goode) is a bogeyman whose father is a very famous monster. Twyla is a bogeyman (or "boogey monster" in Monster High), and has blue skin, violet eyes, teal hair with purple highlights, and soft-pink lipstick. Twyla has smokey-like, greyish, dark birthmarks resembling shadows on her hands, wrists, slightly-upper arms, feet and ankles. She is very shy, and prefers her own space. As she quotes, "just another day in the life of a bogey-monster". She claims to be comfortable in the shadows, but will make new friends, such as when believing Cleo is a new girl in '13 Wishes', and greeting her, and friends with Howleen Wolf, and her sister, Clawdia Wolf.

Wydowna Spider[edit]

Wydowna Spider (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) is a humanoid spider who gets involved in various creative projects. She uses her six arms to multitask on several things at once which has a habit of burning her out. Her name is a pun on Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice.

Gigi Grant[edit]

Gigi Grant (voiced by Jonquil Goode in English, and by Verania Ortiz in Latin American Spanish) is the daughter of a genie and is the Genie of the Lantern in 13 Wishes. She likes to wear comfortable clothing, but not look messy on her first meetings with each "finder". Gigi lives in a good (high and bigger on the inside than outside) lamp (or lantern) which is bounded by strict rules. Her origins place her at Ever After High some time before Howleen found her in "Monster High: 13 Wishes".

Jane Boolittle[edit]

Jane Boolittle (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is an unspecified monster girl from an unspecified jungle. She is the adoptive daughter of the mad scientist Doctor Boolittle who found her in the sole company of her pet sloth Needles during an expedition with Dr. Moreau. Jane likes to explore teenage life from being homeschooled, and non-experienced as "a real teenager". She can talk to animals due to spending time around them in a hidden, grassy, Australian jungle. She's from a lost jungle and has make her cartoon debut one and only time. Jane Boolittle has befriended the pets of the Monster High students.

Hoodude Voodoo[edit]

Hoodude Voodoo (voiced by Cam Clarke) is a human-sized voodoo doll who was created by Frankie Stein to be her emergency boyfriend. His name is changed to Bruno Vaudou in the French Dub.

Honey Swamp[edit]

Honey Swamp (voiced By Laura Bailey) is the daughter of the Honey Island Swamp Monster. She is blue, with Afro-like hair, and like Operetta, speaks with a southern accent. She makes her very first cartoon debut in the TV special. Honey is shown to have the ability to enlist alligators to come to her aide. At the end of the special, she joins up with Elissabat and Clawdia. Honey was originally known as "Allie Gator" in the premiere-name line, but she is not for sure now to be as a Monster High student.

Viperine Gorgon[edit]

Viperine Gorgon is a the daughter of Stheno, Medusa's sister, and niece of Medusa and Euryale, making her Deuce's cousin. Viperine is skilled in the makeup-artist-try, and always pleased to work on any client. Viperine is seen as a girly girl, which is why she is Hauntlywood's makeup artist. She is well-equipped in makeup, and can do anything with it. She is voiced by Yeni Alvrez.

Avea Trotter[edit]

Avea Trotter (voiced by Haviland Stillwell) is one of the new "Hybrid" students of Monster High. She is a hybrid of a Harpy and a Centaur. She has purple hair tied in a ponytail, the wings of a Harpy, the horse half of a Centaur, and has purple skin. She is described as a stubborn and an opinionated girl.

Sirena Von Boo[edit]

Sirena Von Boo (voiced by Paula Rhodes) is one of the new "Hybrid" students of Monster High. She is a hybrid of a Mermaid and a Ghost. She has purple hair, pale skin, and a mermaid tail. Sirena is sometimes described as an "air fin" (airhead) because she loves to daydream and follow her imagination. She has a go with the flow attitude, and doesn't like to be pinned down. Sirena loves hunting for treasure in the sea and frequenting antique shops on land. This curiosity about the unknown has translated into a love of archaeology; she is highly interested in the world around her. Her name is based on "Serena" and means "mermaid" in Spanish, based on the Spanish word for 'mermaid'.

Bonita Femur[edit]

Bonita Femur is one of the new "Hybrid" students of Monster High. She is the daughter of the Mothman and a skeleton. She has white hair with pink & black highlights, a pair of Skeleton's arms and a Moth's legs. Bonita loves shopping for vintage fashions at the flea market. When she gets nervous, she chews through her own clothes. Her voice actress is unknown.

Neighthan Rot[edit]

Neighthan Rot (voiced by Josey Montana McCoy) is one of the new "Hybrid" students of Monster High. He is a son of a zombie and a unicorn. He has long black hair with blue, yellow red highlights in a ponytail, he wears a colorful shirt that matches his hair with a skull on it. Neighthan is somewhat clumsy, but he is a social monster who loves hanging out with his beast friends. He doesn't like monsters judging other monsters based on their appearances. But Neighthan is a good friend, and will do anything to support his friends.

Lorna McNessie[edit]

Lorna McNessie is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014. She is the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster and is an exchange student from Rotland.

Marisol Coxi[edit]

Marisol Coxi is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014. She is the daughter of a Maricoxi. She is an exchange student from Monster Pichu.

Kiyomi Haunterly[edit]

Kiyomi Haunterly is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014 & debut in the new TV Special "Haunted". It is unknown who is her monster parents but it is rumored she is supposed to be the daughter of Slender Man.

Vandala Doubloons[edit]

Vandala Doublouns is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014 & debut in the new TV Special "Haunted". She is the daughter of a Pirate. She goes to a mystery ghost school along with Kiyomi, River & Panter.

River Styxx[edit]

River Styxx is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014 & debut in the new TV Special "Haunted". She is the daughter of the Grim Reaper. She goes to a mystery ghost school along with Kiyomi, Vandala, & Panter.

Panter "Paintergeist" Geiss[edit]

Panter "Paintergeist" Geiss is an upcoming character in Monster High who is set to be released at the end of 2014 & debut in the new TV Special "Haunted". He is the son of a Poltergeist. He goes to a mystery ghost school along with Kiyomi, Vandala & River.


Archer is a centaur who speaks in horse language. He is known to be in love with Headmistress Bloodgood's horse Nightmare.


Ricky is a humanoid blue gorilla with his head, hands, and feet encased in ice. He is known to be one of Abbey Bominable's competitors in the Himalayas.

Buzz Wingman[edit]

Buzz Wingman is a purple anthropomorphic fly who doesn't speak.


Eyera is a green creature with an eye for a head and is voiced by Ira Singerman, whose name is what his name a homage to.

Johnny Spirit[edit]

Johnny Spirit (voiced by many voice actors due to different languages) was a student at Monster High who has gotten 3,0000 years of detention due to strong rebelliance. He was one of the most infamous students at Monster High, due to being such a rebel. His English voice actor is so far unknown.

Quill Talyntino[edit]

Quill Talyntino is a daughter of a harpy, and never speaks. Her name is a pun or spoof on the famous actor, Quentin Tarantino, and name was originally Trina Talon. When or give she talks in the series, she will have a voice actor, and will be a standard character. But for now, not.

Finnegan Wake[edit]

Finnegan Wake (originally called "Ryder" or "Rider") is a merman, son of a mermaid. And he is a rider with a fierce moving grip. Finnegan was originally called Rider in the first episode he appeared, but was changed later on, and might become a doll in 2015.

Catty Noir[edit]

Catty Noir (voiced by Missi Hale) is the most famous student at Monster High. She is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Werecats. She is a one-hit-wonder popstar, and is still not a has-been, because she is still famous, and still a celebrity at Monster High. It was hinted that she was moving to Monster High in the episode, "Monsters of Music", as being said to retire at age sixteen. She was shown to hide from her fans with Invisi Billy's and Twyla's help in "In Plain Fright".

Monster High graduates[edit]

The following have previously gone to Monster High prior to the events of the franchise and have graduated:

Nefera de Nile[edit]

Nefera de Nile (voiced by Wendee Lee) is a mummy and the oldest and elder daughter of Ramses de Nile. She is Cleo's older sister by three years and at age 5,845. She is coldhearted, self-centered, and contemptuous towards most other monsters. The otherwise naughty Cleo admits to feeling insecure around her. She enjoys making life miserable for Cleo and takes pleasure in humiliating her younger sister at every turn. Nefera is first mentioned in Clawd's diary and her first webisode mention is in "Miss Infearmation". Her first webisode appearance is in "Hyde and Shriek". Nefera was the fearleading squad captain until she graduated from Monster High, but in spite of this, Nefera continues to manipulate the squad's activities, solely to make life difficult for Cleo. She had Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody reinstated to the squad after they quit, and demands that Cleo keep them on. For some time after graduation, Nefera worked as a model, which only served to further heighten Cleo's feelings of inferiority towards her. Nefera's diary reveals that she actually suffers from an inferiority complex so severe that if she feels that someone is insulting her in the slightest, she breaks down and suffers a blackout. Her pet is a Scarab beetle named Azura. Despite her nasty nature, Nefera has had her moments of kindness, some of them being in the webisode "Kind: The Shockumentary", where Cleo tells Nefera she is a great older sister. Nefera smiles sincerely and kindly lets the Kind Campaign leaders though the doors.

Clawdia Wolf[edit]

Clawdia Wolf (voiced by Jonquil Goode) is the eldest (eldest named) among her siblings Clawd Wolf, Clawdeen Wolf, and Howleen Wolf. She formerly attended Monster High. She is an aspiring screamwriter studying in Londoom. Her family is very important to her, and she misses them while she is away at school. Unlike many of her Wolf siblings, she does not have any athletic ability and is actually quite clumsy. At the end of the special, she joins up with Elissabat.

Monster High Staff[edit]

The following are staff members of Monster High:

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood[edit]

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood (voiced by Laura Bailey) is in charge of the students at Monster High where she also teaches Trigular Calcometry 101. According to her newly freshed bio, she is officially the daughter of the Headless Horseman. Like her name implies, she can take off her head whenever it pleases her. She rides her horse Nightmare throughout the school halls and uses horse analogies when she feels it is appropriate. Bloodgood is a good friend of Abbey Bominable's parents and lets Abbey stay at her home during the school week. A Headless Headmistress Bloodgood doll prototype was revealed at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con as part of a poll to select the next doll. The doll's traits included a detachable head and a taller body, compared to the female students. The Bloodgood doll did not win the poll, but was revealed at the 2012 Comic-Con as a spring 2013 release as an exclusive to Toys R Us in May.

Mr. Hackington[edit]

Mr. Hackington (voiced by Audu Paden) (called Hack or Mr. Hack) is the teacher in the webseries and is based on Leatherface. His last name usually most commonly shortened to Hack as a nickname. He speaks with a British accent. Mr. Hack is the Mad Science teacher, and also holds detention, according to 'Ghouls Rule'. He enjoys seeing a look of disappointment on his students' faces whenever an opportunity can present itself. Lagoona's Mad Science Survival Guide mentions he also tends to spend most of the class talking about stories of his time with other Mad Scientists and these always end up on his end of the week tests. In the French version, his name is changed to Monsieur Chaucher, and known as Señor Cortrado in Spanish.

Laboratory assistant[edit]

This unnamed assistant of Mr. Hackington is a green-skinned cyclops who works as his assistant teacher.

Coach Igor[edit]

Coach Igor is a gym teacher with a right peg leg who teaches Physical Dreaducation.

G. Reaper[edit]

G. Reaper is a Grim Reaper who is the school's guidance counselor. He has a problem with understanding when a student is unhappy.

Lunch lady[edit]

This unnamed lunch lady is an unspecified monster who works in Monster High's creepeteria.

Second lunch lady[edit]

Revealed in "A Normal Ghoul", where Catty Noir comes to Monster High. She makes her second appearance in the episode "Creepeteria".

Mr. Lou Zarr[edit]

Lou Zarr (voiced by Troy Baker) was the substitute teacher in "Substitute Creature" and appears in the television special "New Ghoul @ School." He is a strict normie teacher who refuses to take any nonsense from his students, and when the class cannot remember where in the textbook they left off during the previous lecture, he decides to begin his lesson from the beginning of the book. Mr. Zarr's full name is a source of mirth for the students because it sounds very much like "loser," which is what they perceive him to be. He is turned to stone when he demands that Deuce Gorgon take off his sunglasses and Deuce complies. Of course Deuce stays behind to tell Lou Zarr the effects of his stare once it wears off.

Lou Zarr later hosts Trigular Calcometry 101, Frankie Stein's very first class. It makes her worry she won't survive school. In fact, Zarr's lesson is so boring he makes himself fall asleep mid-calculation. When a little later the school bell rings, the students leave swiftly, except for Ghoulia Yelps. She stays to finish Mr. Zarr's calculations with Zarr only waking up in confusion after she has completed the task.

Mr. Rotter[edit]

Mr. Rotter (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Volume 1 and 2, Cam Clarke in Volume 3) is a phantom and the school's "Dead Languages" teacher, and possibly sometimes homeroom. He can be quite picky with good grades, less than Hack's, but still kind of strict. He is voiced by Cam Clarke now, and possibly for Volume 4, too. He was named Señor Podio in the Spanish dub.

Mr. Where[edit]

Mr. Where (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) is based on the Invisible Man, who can also make his bandages become invisible. He is the drama teacher at the school where he teaches Drama-rama, but also seems to be in charge of the debate team in the web-series, and even was the teacher of a test in "Copy Canine". In the Spanish dub, his name was changed to Señor Dónde literally translating exactly to "Mr. Where", in both the original Spanish-language dubs.


Kindergrubber is a witch who is the Home Ick teacher. Frankie Stein's Survival Guide to Home Ick states that she likes the students to copy her recipes exactly the same way she does. The one exception is Deuce Gorgon who is the only student whose cooking she will eat without question. Because she does not like to check oven temperatures, Kindergrubber is quite possibly based on the witch from Hansel and Gretel.

Music Teacher[edit]

The unnamed Music Teacher is an unspecified creature who speaks in a German accent. He is one of Monster High's music teachers.


Ogrethor is the bald, purple ogre janitor of Monster High with a gruff demeanor, but is a helpful man just as long as people don't make noise. He has sensitive ears where loud sounds greatly hurt him.

Scary Murphy[edit]

Scary Murphy is the fearleading couch at Monster High. She rarely comes to Monster High, and is known by Cleo as a "fearleading legend". Scary Murphy wears a long deep-purple cloak and has a floating head within a helmet with a cloak-matching hat over it. Her voice actress is unclear.


D'eath is a skeleton and guidance counselor at Monster High.

Van Hellscream[edit]

Administrator Van Hellscream (voiced by Cam Clarke) was the main villain in "Fright On!". He wanted to separate vampires and werewolves apart, so monsters wouldn't be a treat to humans. His niece is Lilith Van Hellscream, and he is voiced by Guy Roshiniack in the Hebrew version, who voices Deuce, Manny, and Mr. Rotter in the Hebrew version. He is not an administrator or a staff member at the school anymore.

Ms. Crabgrass[edit]

Ms. Crabgrass (voiced by Wendee Lee) is an elderly plant monster. She works for the Administrator, Van Hellscream, who is a human, and Crabgrass is old and bitter.

Monster celebrities[edit]

Casta Fierce[edit]

Casta Fierce (voiced by Madison Beer) is the daughter of Circe, and can be mistaken as the daughter of a witch, by the looks of her. She is a parody of Beyoncé. She is another pop-star whose friends are fellow pop-star Catty and Operetta. Her name is a pun on "cast a fierce" in place of "cast a spell", being a witch-like monster. She might become be a Monster High student.


Elissabat (voiced by Karen Strassman) is a famous movie-star known in "Frights, Camera, Action" as Veronica Von Vamp. She is known as Elissabat (as a famous star named Elissabat) in "Master of Hiss-guise". Elissabat teamed up with Viperine Gorgon and Honey Swamp at the end of the movie. She was undercover as a student at Monster High (the chance Catty never got to get), but the line shown after it is not shown what to be next, so it is not official. Her voice actress is not made official to be away from the Karen Strassman page, since her page does not say of she being from the Winx.

Football Stars[edit]

There were Football Stars in the Monster High franchise. The Facebook entry of July 18, 2012 was a message from from Clawd Wolf who was stoked to be at the Football Hall of Fame and meet some of his heroes consisting of Scary Madsaw, Grim Brown and Howlie Long. Scary Madsaw is a parody of Terry Bradshaw, Grim Brown is a parody of Jim Brown, and Howlie Long is a parody of Howie Long.

Jaundice Brothers[edit]

The Jaundice Brothers are a parody of the Jonas Brothers. They are popular at Monster High to all of the students and are rock-band players. Frankie Stein and her friends entered a contest on the radio station KBLOOD to get the Jaundice Brothers to play at Monster High's Homecoming Dance.

Justin Biter[edit]

Justin Biter is a spoof of Justin Bieber. He is the vampire who Draculaura said she got over the Jaundice Brothers for. Justin Biter owed the resurrection of his career to Frankie Stein's father. In the Spain-dub version, his name is changed to Justin Biebera, and in the version, it's "Justin Bestia" (Beast).

The Facebook entry of January 20, 2011 stated that Draculaura and Clawd Wolf went on a date to a Justin Biter concert.

Lagoon 5[edit]

Lagoon 5 is a spoof of Maroon 5. They are lagoon monsters who Lagoona said she got over Lagoon 5 for.


Scarantino is a famous undead film director with a rapid-fire pattern of speech who appears in "Frights, Camera, Action". He is kept alive by a wind-up key in his back which needs to be regularly wound up lest he come to a stop. His name is a homage to Quentin Tarantino.

Scary Stone[edit]

Scary Stone is a famous Hauntlywood screenwriter whom Clawdia Wolf greatly admires. The ghouls run into her while exploring Hauntlywood in Frights Camera Action.

Sofeara Gorepola[edit]

Sofeara Gorepola is a famous ghostly film director with a monotone voice, whom the ghouls meet during their adventure in "Frights, Camera, Action". Her name is a homage to Sofia Coppola.

Monster High pets[edit]


Watzit is Frankie Stein's pet who appears as a dog, but is actually a hybrid of many different animals. He speaks in a high-pitch voice, and has two different eye colors, same as Frankie. Like the rest, Watzit helps Frankie throughout school when she and her friends need it. His voice actor is still anonymous.

Count Fabulous[edit]

Count Fabulous is Draculaura's pet bat. He is dressed girlish-like, thanks to Draculaura herself; and speaks with a high-pitched, Transylvanian accent, same as Draculaura.


Crescent is Clawdeen Wolf's pet kitten. She is purple, has bright/dark, shiny yellow sclera with green irises and little black slits for pupils. Her age is labeled as "Kitten" in her biography, and she is named after a shape of the moon. She also puns/coins the phrase "Me-yow" as saying 'meow' and 'me' as in 'Myself' as a combo phrasing, in "Boo Ghoul at School".


Name coin-punned on the blue planet and sea-god Neptune and tuna, Neptuna is Lagoona's pet pink piranha. She has appears in "Boo Ghoul at School" as a hydration-tank in the catacombs as a backgrounder without speaking.


Hissette is Cleo's seafoam green-colored pet cobra. She is bejeweled, like Cleo, and wears a ring on her tail. She has purple eyes.

Sir Hoots a Lot[edit]

Sir Hoots a Lot is Ghoulia's male, baby wise, "old" owl. He is blue with yellow eyes, and same as Ghoulia can only speak in Zombie, same as she, according to "Boo Ghoul at School" showing, he can only speak in "Owl" (in 'hoo's'). Like "Bat Dialing Disaster" with Clawd's phone and chalk-board writing, he is also shown to stick in as the smartest one of the group, same as his owner, Ghoulia. He's offended by the phrase "wise old owl", especially him in particular.


Crossfade is a chameleon that is owned by Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde. When in the company of Jackson Jekyll, Crossfade is colored green and yellow. When in the company of Holt Hyde, Crossfade is colored yellow and orange.


Perseus is Deuce's pet rat with a mohawk, ear-piercing, and a "yo-dude" "go with the flow", "cool-guy"-stereotype, Californian-accent stereotype-teenage voice, a lot like Deuce Gorgon's. He has flaming red hair as his Mohawk and his medium-grey furred.


Rhuen is cheeky ghost ferret that is owned by Spectra Vondergeist. Rhuen is known to be a prankster & she always helps Spectra in her blog "The Ghostly Gossip".


Rockseena is a gargoyle bulldog that is owned by Clawd Wolf. Rockseena is also known as a "Groupie" of Clawd in casketball.


Shiver is Abbey Bominable's pet baby Woolly Mammoth who is very tough. She is a girl, and also speaks with a Russian accent, but in a high-pitch-toned, baby voice. Shiver love snowball fights and cave painting. Abbey is sometimes "Annoyed" to Shiver. Shiver dislikes the part Abbey snores really loud.


Azura is Nefera's Scarab Beetle. Azura was shown as a backgrounder in "Boo Ghoul at School".

Sweet Fangs[edit]

Sweet Fangs is Toralei's pet Smilodon cub. Sweet Fangs is quite tough and can go through a ball of dragon thread a day. Both Watzit & Crescent are Sweet Fangs rivals.

Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs[edit]

Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs is Operetta's pet spider. He is known to be an enthusiast in music Just like Operetta. He is also known to be a prankster. And he also likes to scare Cleo.


Cushion is Howleen's pet hedgehog. She is known to be loveable & sweet to Howleen but she can be a little aggressive to both Clawdeen & Clawd's pets, Crescent & Rockseena. When she is disturbed or scared, her fur turns into sharp spikes.


Roux is Rochelle's pet gargoyle griffin.


Chewlian is Venus's pet Venus Flytrap who has really sharp teeth and a mohawk. She is known to be nervous but friendly to other pets most especially to Sweet Fangs, Cushion & Dustin. She has quite a hard time to get along with Crescent & Neptuna since she always messes up their places in the crypt.


Qing is Jinafire's pet Qilin. Nothing is known about Qing & Jinafire's relationship first started except for the part that Jinafire started to love Qing when she was young and he was one of Jinafire's inspirations for one of her sketches.

Captain Penny[edit]

Captain Penny is Robecca's pet robot penguin.


Nati is Skelita's pet Butterfly who Skelita met in their family's Butterfly garden. Nati is also one of the reasons why Skelita Appreciates Butterflies.


Dustin Is Twyla's pet Dust Bunny who Twyla found on the road being blown by the wind. Dustin is known to be loveable & caring most especially to Twyla. In the webisodes, Neptuna dislikes both Dustin & Chewlian for ruining her aquarium in the Catacomb's Crypt & Watzit & her always argue a lot because of the dust Dustin is "putting" on her dog house. Dustin is known to sleep in the "normie's" beds. But in the catacombs, she is known sleeping under the couch where Crescent hangs out.

Sultan Sting[edit]

Sultan Sting is Gigi 's pet Scorpion. He is known to be superstitious & tough and he is also known to be hard to get with.


Shoo is Wydowna 's pet fly. She is known to have a crush on a villain in Wydowna's comic book "Webarella" (Which is the SDCCI 2013 Exclusive).


Needles is Jane's pet Sloth who is a Voodoo doll


Nightmare is Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's black nightmare horse based on the one from the story of "The Headless Horseman". She is a filly as stated by Frankie only being "three years old" (Grows quickly), so she is human-aged, and is perhaps the horse that Bloodgood's father, the horseman gave to her to be "hers" perhaps as a gift. Nightmare is a blue-furred horse with a purple mane, and has eyes that are red sclera with lighter red irises and pupils, while the "whites" (sclera) are a little more pinkish than red. Her pupils are the darkest, and nearly black, and she was first heard, but not yet seen, in "Busted". She is also very popular as stated by "The Stitch-uation" and 13 Wishes.

Book Exclusive Characters[edit]

Melody Carver[edit]

Melody Carver is the co-protagonist of the Monster High novels. She and her family are from Beverly Hills and moved to Salem, Oregon to help with Melody's asthma. Melody has just recovered from rhinoplasty that was meant to help her with her breathing, but is implied to have been mostly to please her parents' family image. Melody's family is neighbors with Jackson Jekyll, whom Melody eventually dates. Melody is the one who reveals the truth behind Jackson's blackouts through a recording on her iPhone. Unfortunately, she forgets to delete it and it gets in the hands of Bekka Madden, a RAD hater and primary antagonist of the series. This video leads to the RADs community becoming exposed, Melody forming the NUDIs (Normies Uncool with Discriminating Idiots), and a documentary on their secret lives. At the end of the second novel, Melody learns from Manu, Cleo's father's aide, that she might be the daughter of Marina, a siren. This is confirmed at the end of the third novel. Melody develops the ability to persuade people to do whatever she asks with her voice. She also grows olive and blue feathers with gold tips. This inspires her to make a dress and jewelry out of them.

Billy Phaidin[edit]

Billy Phaidin is the son of the Invisible Man. Billy is the RAD who made Salem aware of the monster community after a 60 year hiatus of a RAD sighting. It is implied that his invisibility developed later in his life, similar to Heath's fire breathing. Billy, much like his predecessor, can only be seen if he wears clothing and make-up. Billy dresses up as Frankie to appease Bekka's demands to get Jackson's transformation video back. It fools Bekka, but fails to solve the problem thanks to Brett's poor timing. In "Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way," Candace helps Billy become visible with a spray-tan. Billy has a one-sided crush on Frankie.

Brett Redding[edit]

Brett Redding is a normie who attends Merston High. At the beginning of the series, he is dating Bekka Madden. In the first novel, he is hunting monsters after the sighting of a "green alien," who turns out to be Frankie. It is revealed later that he is fascinated by monsters. Brett kisses Frankie at the Monster Mash and accidentally detaches her head, sending shockwaves throughout his body. He ends up in a coma until the beginning of the second novel. When Brett wakes up, during live TV, he breaks up with Bekka and wants to find the mystery girl from the dance. Brett joins the NUDIs with Melody, and the two decide to make a documentary to show normies that RADs are just regular people as well. Brett is also dating Frankie and friends with Heath before anyone knew he was a RAD.

Bekka Madden[edit]

Bekka Madden is the primary antagonist of the Monster High novels. She befriends Melody at first due to a common dislike of Cleo de Nile. Bekka wants Brett all to herself, even forcing Melody to sign a contract that she won't make any moves on Brett. Bekka discovers the video of Jackson transforming into DJ Hyde and uses this as blackmail for Melody to get Frankie, the girl who kissed Brett and put him in a coma. Within the allotted time frame, Melody brings a disguised Billy to Brett's hospital room. Bekka is fooled and pleased with the turning in of the RAD, but exposes the video on live TV anyway when Brett breaks up with her. Bekka ends up sabotaging the NUDIs documentary by turning it into fear propaganda rather than a film to help the RADs break out into society. Afterward in the third novel she organizes anti-RAD protests and does "haunted" tours of the houses that the RADS used to live in. At the beginning of book 4 it is shown that Becca had transferred to a new school, after which; little is said about her.

Candace Carver[edit]

Candace Carver is Melody's older sister. On the surface, she appears to be nothing more than a party girl and the stereotypical Beverly Hills teenager. However, Melody, in the second book remarks that Candace "defied the dumb-blond stereotype. There was no air in that head. The spinning wheels in her brain blew it all out her ears." Candace is very supportive of Melody and is happy to help her sister when she can. She, in fact, was the one to name NUDI and is a proud member, serving as the group's unofficial chauffeur without complaint. Candace was unaware that Melody is adopted until "Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way."

Sydney Jekyll[edit]

Sydney Jekyll is Jackson Jekyll's mother from the novels and currently is unmentioned in the other media. She had never told Jackson about DJ until Melody Carver reveals the truth to him via her iPhone. Sydney used to teach at Merston High until the RADs were outed in the community and she was fired from her job. She moved to another town and kept DJ as the main personality to protect Jackson. While away, Sydney rents her house to Marina, not knowing she is Melody's birth mother. At the end of the third novel, she is back in Salem, Oregon. In the fourth book, her name is revealed.

Freaky Fusion[edit]


Dracubecca (voiced by both Debi Derryberry & Julie Maddalena) is a fusion between Draculaura & Robecca Steam.


Clawvenus (voiced by both Salli Saffioti & Julie Maddalena) is a fusion between Clawdeen Wolf & Venus McFlytrap.


Cleolei (voiced by both Salli Saffioti & America Young) is a fusion between Cleo de Nile & Toralei Stripe.


Lagoonafire (voiced by both Laura Bailey & Stephanie Sheh) is a fusion between Lagoona Blue & Jinafire Long.

Note : The Line "Fusion Inspired Ghouls" Was A Part of Freaky Fusion Yet They Don't Have The Same Doll Concept As The "Freaky Fusions". "Fusion Inspired Ghouls" Concept Was : 4 Monster High Characters (Specifically Frankie Stein - As Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps - As Draculaura, Operetta - As Frankie Stein & Scarah Screams - As Toralei) Were All Inspired To Dress Up Similar To The Fusions, In The Movie Freaky Fusion.'Italic text


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