Charing Cross, New South Wales

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Robin Hood Hotel, an example of the Art Deco style
Charing Cross Hotel, also in the Art Deco style

Charing Cross is a locality in eastern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Charing Cross is part of the suburb of Waverley and is situated at the intersection of Bronte Road and Carrington Road. The name is used to describe this intersection and the short shopping strip extending to the east along Bronte Road, and is used as a reference point for the homes and schools located around it.


The locality is named after Charing Cross, London, England. [1] At one point a railway station was proposed at Charing Cross for the Eastern Suburbs railway line. Charing Cross was a much more significant shopping area prior to the rise in importance of Bondi Junction, including a large Westfield shopping centre there. It fell into decline with shops closing, but recently has been reflecting the gentrification of the area with the moving in of up-market clothing and gourmet food stores.


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