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Chariopolis is a Catholic titular see. The original diocese was in Thrace. Chariopolis is now Hayrabolu, Turkey.

Nothing is known about this city during antiquity. In 1087 it was plundered by Tselgou and Solomon, Kings of the Patzinaces and of the Hungarians. In 1205 Villehardouin passed through there, after the unsuccessful siege of Adrianople.


It figures only in later Notitiae episcopatuum of the twelfth or thirteenth century, as a suffragan of Heracleia in Thrace. An act of Isidorus, Patriarch of Constantinople, dated 13 August 1347, places it again under the jurisdiction of Heracleia. Lequien (II, 1133) mentions only four bishops, the first present at Nicaea in 787, the last in 1351.

It is not known when the see ceased to be a residential one for the Greek Orthodox Church; they frequently use the name for titular bishops.