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Charioteer at Yad La-Shiryon, Latrun.
Type Tank destroyer
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history
In service -
Used by British Army
Wars 1978 South Lebanon conflict
Lebanese civil war
Production history
Manufacturer Robinson and Kershaw Ltd, Dukinfield, Cheshire
Number built 442[1]

Ordnance QF 20 pounder
Suspension Improved Christie

The Charioteer officially known as FV4101 Cromwell Heavy AT Gun[2] and FV4101 Tank Medium, Charioteer was a British armoured fighting vehicle. It was produced in the 1950s as a self-propelled anti-tank gun to add firepower to units serving in West Germany by mounting a 20 pdr (84mm) gun on a Cromwell tank chassis.


In the early 1950s, in an attempt to give extra firepower to the Territorial Army units of the Royal Armoured Corps, some Cromwell tanks received a 20 pounder gun (the same as used by the Centurion) in a new but lightly armoured two-man turret.[3] The resulting vehicle was designated as the FV 4101 Charioteer tank destroyer. About 200 units were converted by Robinson and Kershaw Ltd at their works in Dukinfield, Cheshire.


In practice the Charioteer was used by British Territorial Army units only and during mid and late 1950s most of the vehicles were sold to Austria, Finland, Jordan and Lebanon.


  • Austrian Army used 56 vehicles from 1956 till 1965. Turrets of retired Charioteer tanks were fixed in Austrian bunker systems.
  • Finnish Army bought 38 "Charioteer Mk VII Model B" by 1960 and they remained in use until 1979. The tanks were stored until 2007 when they were auctioned off.
  • Jordanian Army equipped two squadrons (24 vehicles) of their 3rd Tank Regiment in 1954. Some of the Jordanian Charioteers were sold to Lebanon.
 United Kingdom


  • A Finnish Charioteer is on outdoor display in the Parola tank museum.
  • Another Finnish Charioteer is on outdoor display near the main entrance of Army Academy in Lappeenranta.
 United Kingdom

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