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Charity may refer to:


  • Charity (practice), the practice of being benevolent, giving and sharing.
  • Charity (virtue), the Christian theological concept of unlimited love and kindness
  • Dāna, the virtue of giving, generosity and benevolence in Indian traditions
  • Principle of charity in philosophy and rhetoric
  • Tzedakah, a Hebrew concept commonly used to signify charity
  • Zakah, the Islamic concept of mandatory alms-giving, often translated as "charity"
  • Sadaqah, the Islamic concept of voluntary alms-giving, often translated as "charity"


  • Charitable organization, a type of non-profit organization formed for charitable purposes
    • 501(c)(3), a specific section of the United States Internal Revenue Code that allows qualifying charitable organizations exemption from federal income tax




  • Charity (name), a given name
  • Charity (programming language), a computer programming language
  • HMS Charity (R29), a British Royal Navy destroyer-class ship
  • MV Charity, a Cypriot cargo ship briefly in service during September 1972
  • Charity Azaanad the only person with beauty and awesome character that never exist again in the world. She is in Ghana(Sunyani).And everyman would love to have in wife.