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Charlélie Couture
CharlElie portrait.JPG
Background information
Birth name Charles Elie Bertrand Couture
Born (1956-02-26) 26 February 1956 (age 58)
Origin Nancy, France

Charlélie Couture (b. Charles Elie Bertrand Couture, 26 February 1956) is a French musician and multi-disciplinary artist, who has recorded over 25 albums and 17 film soundtracks, and has held a number of exhibitions of paintings and photographs. He has also worked as a poster designer, and has published about 15 books of reflections, drawings and photographs.

Life and career[edit]

He was born in Nancy, and graduated from l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He released his first album, 12 Chansons dans la Sciure ("12 Songs in the Sawdust") in 1978, followed by Le Pêcheur ("The Fisherman") in 1979 and Pochette surprise ("Lucky Dip") in 1981. He was then signed by Chris Blackwell to Island Records, becoming the first French artist on the label. He recorded the album Poèmes Rock in New York, and also contributed a track to the album A Christmas Record issued by ZE Records, an affiliate of the Island label. He had a hit single in France with the track "Comme un Avion Sans Aile."[1]

Also in 1981, he founded, in Nancy, the "Local à Louer" group of photographers, painters, poets, and stated in his "Art Rock manifesto" that "Art must make the junction between the functionalism of industrial society and the aspirations of pop culture". He also launched an art journal, Le Télégramme. In 1983, he wrote his first complete film soundtrack, for the movie Tchao Pantin ("So Long, Stooge"), for which he was nominated for a César Award. He held his first exhibition of drawings and watercolours in Paris in 1985, and continued to record and tour. In 1990–91 he visited Australia, recording two albums there, Melbourne Aussie and Victoria Spirit.[1]

Later in the 1990s, his recordings were less successful and he concentrated more on photography, drawings and paintings.[1] In 1997 he recorded a blues-influenced album, Casque Nu ("Naked Helmet"), in Chicago. In 1998, he was awarded the title of Officier du Mérite National. He worked extensively preparing posters and publicity for tennis tournaments, including the posters for the 2002 Davis Cup Final between France and Russia. In 2004, he settled for several years in New York, from where he released two albums, Double Vue (2004) and New Yor-Cœur (2006).[1]




1973 - Lives home and goes on the road for one year

1974 - Graduates " Art Baccalauréat " from outside the higt school system.

1979 - Graduates with honors from the Beaux-Arts DNSEP Jury for numerous conventions and Festivals. (Among them American Film Deauville)

2000 Conference to the Commission Europeenne about Art and Culture

2004 Conference " Conversations Essentielles " " " Faith %26 Culture " Paris

2007 Beaubourg Art Pocket Film, 2006, Québec Festival 1998 etc...

2008 Conference " Conventions Essentielles " Music and Creation, Paris

2011 Conference " The Multism " , New York and Lecture " Discourse about The Multism ". La Sorbonne / Paris


2012 Sept-installation "Manhattan" a project with 100 wood sculptures, France Big Panel Photo-graff- Paris LCL CharlElie Black Art currated by Nomade monade- Lille Artfair

2011 " Re-Construction " Dune Showroom, New York, USA " Peintures et Photografs " Galerie Naclil, Lille France Salon d'Art contemporain Strasbourg, Galerie Nomade Monade France Salon d'Art contemporain Metz, A'del Gallery, Lyon France " New York Be " Galerie W Paris France AAA Galerie, Nogent sur Marne France Salon Balt'Art, Nogent sur Marne France Permanente exhibition, The Re Gallery, New York, USA

2010 " drawings and photografs " Galerie Antonio Nardonne, Brussels, Belgium " New York on lines " Galery A.del, Lyon, Biennale de la photographie

2009 " New York, Photo-Grafs ", Galerie Beaudoin Lebon, Paris 12 mars- 25 avril " Shower Curtain and Photos " Maison Française/Washington " Photos New York " "Mosaïque de Photo" La Collégiale Saint-André/Chartres Curated by Nadine Berthelier Directeur des Arts et du Patrimoine culturel et historique Conservateur en Chef du Patrimoine

2008 " Re Construction Paintings and Photos ", Crid'Art, Amneville, France " Art Floor " Photos, Galerie Agnes Martel, Switzerland

2007 " Re Construction ", Galerie Mourlot, New York (USA) Galerie Ô, Vevey (Switzerland)" New York Shields %26 Paintings"

2005 " Living with Art", Soho, New York (USA) Opens his Art Studio in the Garment district

2004 Gallery Art At Home, Soho, New York Art Basel Miami - French Tuesday Art Night Move to New York. Galerie Sparts, rue de Seine Paris Galerie Wable, Lille France

2003 Laval Museum ( France) Retrospective Exhibit on CharlElie's " L'art Total " Gallery Ô, Pozzo Di Borgo Vevey (Switzerland) Gallery SOTO Brussels (Belgium)

2002 Museum Le Corbusier – La Chaux de Fond (Switzerland)

2001 Galerie Capazza Nancay, inaugurates a new wing of his huge Gallery.

2000 Clermont Ferrand, Galerie Gastaud Lyon, Galerie Chomarat (paintings and drawings) Gallery Wable, Lille and Boulogne sur Mer

1999 Museum of Erotism - Paris " X Positions " (photos,paintings) Publicis/Champs Elysees (Tennis drawings)

1998 Gallery Akka, rue de Seine, Paris, France 1997 Fondation Nationale de la Photo, Lyon France (Photo-poems) Retrospective of " Chambres d'hotels Polaroids " Château Lumière, Lyon / France Drawings and paintings et the Galerie Wable in Boulogne sur Mer

1995 Avignon France Cloitre des Arts (Sculptures and drawings) Galerie Gastaud, Clermont Ferrand France

1994 Galerie Ziggourat, Brussel (Belgium) " Chambres d'hotel "

1993 " Chambres d'hotels " drawings, in Geneva, Galerie Papiers gras " Chambres d'hotels ", drawings %26 paintings, Galerie Nachbaur, Paris

1991 Galerie Atsuro Tayama (Paris) France Australian paintings and photopoems, Galerie Jean D'eve, Neuchatel (Switzerland)

1989 Exhibit Multimedia engravings/sculptures/paintings/musics/drawings/photos/texts Galerie " Halle Sud " of Geneva

1985 First exhibit in Paris, drawings and watercolors of " Chambres d'hotels ", Galerie Du Jour/Agnès B

1971 First painting and photo exhibit


2010 Poster for " Le Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval "

2006- 2009 Creates posters for FFT, and tennis tournaments

2003 Creates poster for the Davis Cup Final (France-Russia)

2001 Participates in the creation of the " Livre de Roland Garros 2001 " set of photos of the greatest photographers – William Klein, texts by Patrice Dominguez and drawings by Charlelie

1995 Designs the sets and costumes for the show " Concert Naïf au pays des Anges " at the Théâtre National de L'Odéon Bézier Museum exhibits a work on cardboard entitled " Knoxville USA " Created a fresco for the opening of the FNAC in Nancy Creation of CD ROM " Papers works ", exhibit in Metz

1994 Creation of fans for the galerie La Pochade, Paris France Conceives of and draws the new Logo for the Lorraine Region

1993 Inauguration FNAC in Avignon, " Photos d'hotels ", traveling exhibit in France

1988 Actor and song writer for the film " The Moderns " (USA) by Alan Rudolph

1983 Nominated to the Cesar show for his soundtrack of Claude Berri film " Tchao Pantin "

1982 Editor of the performing arts newspaper the " Telegramme "


2011 Exhibitions " Mail Art " drawings - SpArtS Gallery Paris

2010 Exhibitions, Art for a better world, Miami, FL, Artbasel Street Artak street Art Festival, Angers " New York by " Galerie W, Paris devoted to L'Angelus, Barbizon, 100 artists salute Millet

2009 Group show/FACEBOOK'S FRIENDS a virtual reality /Curator Michael Picoron

2008 Temple Emmanu-El of Closter, Brooklynn " Shower Curtains " ACMDM, centre d'Art Contemporain in Perpignan, France

2007 NY Art Floor with Peter Klasen (Photos) Metz (France)

2006 " Crossings " at Living with Art NYC Soho. (With Thurman %26 Pascal)

2003 "Sport Tools" for an Art Exhibition during the Olympic Games of Athens 2004

2000 International Art Market in Strasbourg

1999 Creates a watch-box for Swatch / Paris Place Vendôme

1997 Eurexpo show, Geneva, Switzerland

1981/1986 Founder of an artists group called " Local a Louer " including painters, poets, graphic artists and photographers publishing of the " Manifeste de l'Art Rock " Numbers of exhibitions Paris, Tours Lille, Nancy

1978 Salon des artistes indépendants Paris


2012 " Et avant " (And Before) CharlElie (author) Serge Bloch (illustrator)

2011 " New York Be " Publisher Editions du Chêne, book, Photography

2009 " New York by CharlElie " Publisher Editions du Chêne, book, Photography 2009 Manhattan Photo-grafs Special Edition Book, L%26N Editions

2004 Artistic Travel notebook " En Australie", publisher Presse de la Renaissance

2000 Creates posters for Jean Pierre Cassel performance, and for various sports tournaments in ad abroad France (Tunisia)

1999 " Beaux Gestes ", Tennis Drawings Pré aux Clercs Editions " Transfocus " digital photographs accompanied by a CD Rom with original recordings FNAC Publishing

1998 " Le couloir des brumes ", Novel Pré aux Clercs Editions " Filles de jour " Marval Editions, Illustrations and texts in parallel with the photographs of Martial Lorcet

1996 " Les Champs Paraboliques " on line. First version of the Web site (Charlelie is one of the pioneer of the art web-site)

1995 Book of poetical reflections " Inventaire Paradoxal des petits plaisirs et de grandes haines " Stock Editions " 25 images secondes "Illustrations for a Novel by Hervé Eparvier, Serpent à Plume Editions

1992 Book of drawings " Jimmy Jacket " Art Editions, R Meier Book of photographs " Do not disturb ", Marval Editions Plume

1989 " Les dragons en Sucre " Novel -Ramsay Pauvert Editions " Solo Boys and Girls ", a collection of songs texts with original photographs and drawings Seghers Editions 1984 Collection of drawings entitled " Cahiers d'Ecoles " reproduced on " alugraphie " paper though the art publisher, Voix R Meier


Thousands of articles have been written about CharlElie works of all kinds GOOGLE refers 126 000 pages about him

Note that " Les chemins parallèles " was the first book written by Alain Gilson about his multi-work. Published by Pierre-Marcel Favre –Switzerland 1988.


2010 " Follow the line " Publisher RentingArt, reflexion about CharlElie's art prospective

2007 " New York " Ô Quai des Arts Galerie, Vevey Zwitzerland " Re Constructions " Galerie Moulot, New York, USA " 30 années de regard " Galerie Capazza, Nancay, France

2006 " Atelier Newyorcoeur ", presse Litteraires, France

1993 " Chambres d'Hotel " Galerie Nachbaur, Paris France

1992 " Australian Roadbook " Galerie J Lovera (France)


2010 " Chevalier des Arts et lettres "

2003 " Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur ", given by Mr Stephane Hessel

2001 " ROLAND GARROS 2001 " collection is awarded the Lacoste prize

1999 Lacoste Prize for the best drawings sports book of the year " Beaux Gestes ",

1998 " Officier du Mérite National " awarded by the Minister of the Cultural Affairs

1989 Academy Charles Cross Award

1978 Quintard Prize from Academy Stanislas for the quality of his Art studies

1976 Second price for " Young Photojournalist " from the city of Nancy.

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