Charles-Pierre Denonvilliers

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Charles-Pierre Denonvilliers

Charles-Pierre Denonvilliers (February 4, 1808 – July 5, 1872) was a French surgeon who was a native of Paris.

In 1837 he received his medical doctorate, and later was a professor of surgery and anatomy in Paris.[1]

Denonvilliers was a pioneer of facial reconstructive surgery. In 1856 he performed the first Z-plasty operation for treatment of lower lid ectropion.[2] He is credited for providing the first description of the rectoprostatic fascia, which ia sometimes called "Denonvilliers' fascia".[3] Also, another name for the puboprostatic ligament is "Denonvilliers' ligament".[4]

With Auguste Bérard (1802-1846) and Léon Athanase Gosselin (1815-1887), he was co-author of the three-volume Compendium de chirurgie pratique (1845-1861).[5]


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