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Karel (Charles) Bacik (25 June 1910 – 11 July 1991) was a Czech glass manufacturer and a founder of Waterford Glass.[1]

He was born in Nová Říše, graduated from Charles University, Prague, and began working in glass manufacturing in Světlá nad Sázavou in 1935. By the time of the Communist takeover, he owned four glass factories.[1]

In 1946, as his factories were being taken over by the Communists, he emigrated to Ireland. In 1947, in partnership with a Dublin gift-shop owner, Bernard Fitzpatrick, he started Waterford Glass. In 1950, the company was in financial difficulties and he ceded ownership to the Irish Glass Bottle Company. He continued to work for the company as a manager until 1974 and as a board member until 1984.[1]

His granddaughter, Ivana Bacik, is an Irish Senator and academic.[1]

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