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An image of a delivery van used by Charles Chips

Charles Chips is an American maker of snack foods, especially potato chips.


In 1974, the business model of home delivery became more challenging. The company made a strategic move to develop retail packaging and market their products into grocery and convenience stores. In 1979, Charles Chips began distribution into the California market from the Calhoun, KY plant.

In 1984, Charles Chips completed construction of a state of the art pretzel and corn based snack production facility in Mountville, PA.

In 1990, the company had wholesale revenue in excess of $45 million. In 1991, the Mussers sold Charles Chips to a group of investors from Philadelphia. This new company went bankrupt 18 months later.

In 1993, Charles Chips was acquired by a popcorn company from Tampa, FL. They too went bankrupt about 18 months later.

In 1996, Hillside Snacks in Arlington, NJ acquired the Charles Chips trademark and started marketing Charles Chips under a different recipe.

In early 2011, the Scardino family bought the brand, with plans to bring back the original recipes and the tins.


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