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Charles C. Dallas, Jr. (born 1951), aka Charlie Dallas, was an underground cartoonist who was active in the mid-1970s.[1]

Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and EC Comics, Dallas specialized in horror stories. He created Psychotic Adventures, and his work was published in Blab!, Insect Fear, Roger Brand's Real Pulp Comics, Skull Comics and Slow Death.[1]

Cartoonist Kim Deitch recalled:

I was casual friends with him and his wife and socialized with them some. His wife, a sturdy country girlish redhead was a nude dancer in one of those joints down on the Barbary coast. But the strange thing about both of them was that Charlie, purveyor of depraved and degenerate comics and his wife in that somewhat dubious trade, well, they were about as wholesome and genuinely likable a pair as you were likely to run into, both sweet and sort of innocent in their own utterly offbeat way. At a certain point, Charlie wasn’t really getting by in comics, and they decided to start fresh in another location. I can’t remember what state. But when they’d been gone awhile, I one day got a letter from Charlie telling me how they were getting on. Enclosed in the letter was a clipping from a local newspaper of a fashion illustration Charlie was getting work doing. It was quite good and well drawn, but it had a sinisterness about it that fascinated.[1]


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