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EP by Skids
Released 1977
Recorded REL studios, Edinburgh, Scotland
Genre Punk rock, rock
Label No Bad
Producer Skids
Skids chronology
Sweet Suburbia

Charles EP, or simply named Skids, is the first disc and EP of punk rock band Skids, released in 1977 on the Scottish punk label No Bad.

The band comprised a then teenage Richard Jobson on vocals, Stuart Adamson on guitar, Bill Simpson on bass and Thomas Kellichan on drums. They were credited on the EP with only their first names, Simpson being listed as Alexander.[1]

The song "Charles" was featured in re-recorded form on the Scared to Dance debut album in 1979 while the rest songs were added as bonus tracks on that album's remastered edition.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Stuart

  1. "Reasons"
  2. "Test Tube Babies"
  1. "Charles"



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