Charles Edward Kiefner

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Charles Edward Kiefner (November 25, 1869 - December 13, 1942) was a U.S. Representative from Missouri.

  • Born in Perryville, Missouri, Kiefner attended the public schools.
  • He engaged in the retail lumber business and also in road construction.
  • He served as mayor of Perryville (1900–1902).
  • He served as Member of the State house of representatives (1902–1908).
  • He served as delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1912.
  • He served on the staff of Gov. Arthur M. Hyde (1920–1924).

Kiefner was elected as a Republican to the Sixty-ninth Congress (March 4, 1925-March 3, 1927). He was an unsuccessful candidate for re-election in 1926 to the Seventieth Congress.

Kiefner was elected to the Seventy-first Congress (March 4, 1929-March 3, 1931). He was an unsuccessful candidate for re-election in 1930 to the Seventy-second Congress. He resumed the lumber and banking business in Perryville, Missouri, until his death on December 13, 1942. He was interred in Home Cemetery.