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Charles Elliot Fox (1878–1974) was an Anglican missionary and teacher in Melanesia.

Fox was born in Stalbridge, Dorset, England, and educated in New Zealand, graduating from University of New Zealand. He received a degree in theology from St John's College, Auckland in 1902, joined the Anglican Melanesian Mission in 1903 and was ordained the same year.[1]

Around 1924, Fox worked on a dictionary and grammar of the Arosi language of Makira (formerly San Cristobal) in the Solomon Island (ISBN 0858831708), and the Lau language of Malaita (ISBN 0858831015).[1] He also wrote "Beliefs and Tales of San Cristobal" in 1915, later translated and printed in J Royal Anthropological Inst.[2]

In 1932, Charles Elliot Fox declined the post of Bishop of the Melanesian Missionary Church. In the same year he was admitted to the Melanesian Brotherhood.[3]


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