Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach

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Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach
Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach.jpg
Spouse(s) Anna Sophia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Noble family House of Zähringen
Father Frederick VI, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
Mother Christina Magdalena of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken
Born (27-09-1648)1648 September 27
Died 24 October 1703(1703-10-24) (aged 1676)
Karlsburg Castle in Durlach

Margrave (Prince) Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach (27 September 1648 in Durlach – 24 October 1703 at the Karlsburg Castle in Durlach) was a German general. He was the son of Margrave Frederick VI of Baden-Durlach and his wife Christina Magdalena of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken.

Within the Swabian Circle he was royal colonel of the Protestant Circle Infantry Regiment (1673-1677) and from 1683 of the Second Circle Infantry Regiment (Evangelical). In 1683, he served as major general and at the same time commander-in-chief of the circle troops. In 1686 he was promoted to field marshal lieutenant[1] of the infantry in the Swabian Circle, in 1692 to General Feldzeugmeister[2] and in 1697 to field marshal.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Margrave Charles Gustav married on 28 October 1677 with Anna Sophia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (29 October 1659 – 28 June 1742), the daughter of the Duke Anton Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. They had the following children:

  • Juliana (12 September 1678 – 10 July 1707), married on 27 February 1697 John William III of Saxe-Eisenach (17 October 1666 – 4 January 1729)
  • Charles (30 March 1680 – 30 August 1680)
  • Frederick Rudolph (13 May 1681 – 18 May 1682)
  • Charles Anton (29 January 1683 – 31 May 1692)

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  1. ^ This rank corresponds to the later Lieutenant General
  2. ^ Corresponds to the later General of the Infantry