Charles Haskins Townsend

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Charles Haskins Townsend
Charles Haskins Townsend - journal.pone.0034905.g026-cropped.png
Charles Haskins Townsend
Born September 29, 1859
Parnassus, Pennsylvania
Died 1944
Fields Zoology
Institutions United States Fish Commission
New York Aquarium

Charles Haskins Townsend, Sc.D. (1859–1944) was an American zoologist.

Early life[edit]

He was born at Parnassus, Pennsylvania,[1] and educated in public and private schools.[2]


In 1883, he became assistant United States Fish Commissioner in charge of salmon propagation in California. For a time, he was in charge of deep-sea explorations on the USS Albatross.[3] From 1897 to 1902, he served as chief of the Fish Commission's fisheries division. He then served as director of the New York Aquarium at Castle Garden, from 1902 until his retirement in 1937.[1]

Memberships and honors[edit]

In 1902 he was an expert before the Russo-American fisheries arbitration at The Hague.[1] In 1912-13 he was president of the American Fisheries Society.[1] He was elected a fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences.[1]

He is commemorated in the names of Townsend's Shearwater and the Guadalupe fur seal (Arctocephalus townsendi).


He wrote extensively on fisheries, whaling, fur seals, deep-sea exploration and zoology.

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