Charles Horner (jeweller)

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For the USAF general, see Chuck Horner.

Charles Horner (1837–1896) was an English jeweller and founder of the Halifax jewellery business Charles Horner of Halifax. Located in Halifax, West Yorkshire, the Charles Horner factory produced a range of products during the 20th century, together with other items like silverware, tableware and clocks.

Horner is best known for his or "Dorcas" or "Dorcasä" thimbles, which solved the problem of the previous soft, silver thimbles by containing a sandwich of strong steel and an outer decorated silver layer.

The company is also known for hatpins, a collection of which were shown on the BBC television programme 'Antiques Roadshow' in May 2013.[1] A small number were made in gold.[1]


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