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Charles Howard Curran (20 March 1894 at Orillia in Ontario - 23 January 1972 in Leesburg in Florida) was a Canadian entomologist who specialised in Diptera.

From 1923 to 1928 he worked as a specialist service in Diptera Entomology of Canada. In 1928, he was hired by the American Museum of Natural History as assistant curator and, from 1948 until his retirement in 1960, as a preservative. In 1931, he donated his collection to that institution: it is full of 10 000 specimens representing about 1 700 species including 400 types. He received in 1933 a Doctorate of Science at the University of Montreal with a thesis entitled The Families and Genera of North American Diptera. He was vice-president of the New York Entomological Society in 1936, president the following year.


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