Charles I de Lalaing

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Charles de Lalaing, baron and later 1st count of Lalaing, lord of Escornaix (1466 – Oudenaarde, 18 juli 1525).


Charles was born as the eldest son of Joost de Lalaing, from a family of landowners from Hainaut. He was married to Jacoba of Luxembourg, daughter of Jacob of Luxembourg and Maria of Berlaymont. Their children were:

Political career[edit]

Charles was chamberlain to successively Maximilian of Austria, Philip the Fair and Charles V.

On 17 November 1505 he was made a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece (17th chapter, Middelburg).

From 1504 on he was governor of Oudenaarde. When Charles V spent six weeks at Charles of Lalaing's estates during the Siege of Tournai in 1521, he met Charles' servant Johanna van der Gheynst. As a consequence of the brief affair that ensued, the future regentes Margaret of Parma was born.