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Charles Knickerbocker Harley is an academic economic historian who has written on a wide range of topics including the British industrial revolution, the late Nineteenth Century international economy, and the impact of technological change. He has been awarded The Cliometric Society's Clio Can in recognition his of exceptional support of cliometrics and an The Arthur H. Cole Prize for the outstanding article in the Journal of Economic History, Sept. 1981-June 1982 for “British Industrialization Before 1841.He is a Professor of Economic History and an Emeritus Fellow at St Antony's College both at the University of Oxford.[1][2][3]

Selected Publications[edit]

  • Harley, C. K. (1995) The Integration of the World Economy, 1850-1914 2 volumes, Edward Elgar
  • Crafts, N. F. R. and Harley, C. K. (1992), Output growth and the British industrial revolution: a restatement of the Crafts-Harley view. The Economic History Review, 45: 703–730.