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Charles Marcus Edwards is a self-declared Klansmen. In 1964, Edwards, along with James Ford Seale, faced state murder charges for the deaths of two black men, Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, but charges were dropped due to the close cooperation of law enforcement with the KKK.[1] When Edwards was questioned after his arrest, he confessed that he had caught Henry Dee "peeping" on his wife, and that he, Seale, and others picked up the two black men when they saw them hitchhiking (Mississippi Cold case (2007), film). It is believed that Edwards is the one who recognized and identified Dee, thus he is highly responsible for the murders.

In the 2007 documentary "Mississippi Cold Case," Thomas Moore, the brother of the murdered Charles Moore, seeks justice for the unpunished killing of Charles and Henry. Thomas finds Edwards in Meadville, Mississippi, but Edwards is quick to dismiss Thomas as he doesn’t want to talk about the murder case. All Edwards had to say was "I ain't guilty of that." Charles Marcus Edwards is a deacon at a church in Meadville, Mississippi. When Thomas approached Edwards for a second time on the steps of Edwards' church, Edwards lied and said he had nothing to do with the murder even though later, when the case was reopened, Edwards gained immunity by testifying against James Ford Seale. In his testimony, Edwards said he aimed a shotgun at the victims while Klan members beat them, that he saw the victims stuffed alive into a trunk and driven away, and that Seale later reported he and others drowned the two men in a bayou of the Mississippi river.[2]


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