Charles Osborne (hiccups)

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Charles Osborne
Born (1892-12-14)December 14, 1892
Died May 1, 1991(1991-05-01) (aged 98)
Sioux City, Iowa

Charles Osborne (December 14, 1892[1] – May 1, 1991) hiccupped continuously for 68 years (1922–1990). Osborne was from Anthon, Iowa, U.S., and he was entered in Guinness World Records as the man with the Longest Attack of Hiccups.[2] His condition also led him to be a guest on the New York radio show Ripley's Believe It or Not![citation needed] in 1936, ABC's That's Incredible![citation needed] in 1980, and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson[citation needed] in 1983. He appeared in an article by Dear Abby,[citation needed] was drawn as a comic for a Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrapper, is listed as a trivia question on the iPod Touch and was featured as a question in the board game Trivial Pursuit.[citation needed]

Osborne began hiccuping in 1922, after a 350-pound hog collapsed on top of him while he was preparing to slaughter it. The hiccups persisted for 68 years, about one hic every 10 seconds. It is speculated that either an abdomen muscle was pulled or a blood vessel in the brain burst and destroyed the part of the brain stem that inhibits hiccups.[3] Operations were attempted to stop the hiccups, but proved unsuccessful.[citation needed] Hormone therapy stopped the hiccups for 36 hours, but was stopped due to other health problems.[3]

The hiccups stopped when he was 97. Osborne died of complications from ulcers at Marian Health Center in Sioux City, Iowa on May 1, 1991.[4]


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