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This article is about the Australian anthropologist and photographer. For the Canadian poet, see Charles H. Mountford.

Charles Pearcy Mountford (1890–1976) was an Australian anthropologist and photographer. He is known for his pioneering work on indigenous Australians and his depictions and descriptions of their art. He also led the American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land.


  • The Art of Albert Namatjira (1944)
  • Brown Men and Red Sand (1948)
  • Australian tree portraits (1956)
  • Records of the American-Australian scientific expedition to Arnhem Land: Vol. 1 Art, myth and symbolism (1956)
  • The Tiwi: their art, myth and ceremony (1958)
  • Ayers Rock, its people, their beliefs and their art (1965) – his M.A. thesis which became a popular paperback
  • The Dreamtime (1965), The Dawn of Time (1969), and The First Sunrise (1971) – in collaboration with artist Ainslie Roberts
  • Winbaraku: and the myth of Jarapiri (1967)
  • Australian Aboriginal portraits (1967)
  • The Aborigines and their country (1969)
  • Nomads of the Australian Desert (1976) – withdrawn after sale for cultural reasons related to its depictions of sacred sites

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