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Charles E. Phillips, Jr.
Charles Phillips makes the introductions.jpg
Born 1959
Occupation CEO, Infor

Charles E. Phillips (born 1959 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is the CEO of Infor, an ERP Software provider headquartered in New York City, and serves on the company's Board of Directors.[1]

Prior to joining Infor, Phillips was, until September 6, 2010, President of Oracle Corporation and a member of the company's Board of Directors.[2] His responsibilities encompassed global field operations.

Prior to joining Oracle, Phillips was a Managing Director with Morgan Stanley where he currently serves as a director. He is also a director at Viacom Corporation, the American Museum of Natural History, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Prior to his career on Wall Street, Phillips was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Phillips holds a BS in Computer Science from the United States Air Force Academy, an MBA from Hampton University, and a JD from New York Law School.[3]

Early life

Phillips was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, where is father was stationed in the military. He enrolled at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and earned a bachelor's degree in computer science in 1981. Because his eyesight became to poor to be a pilot, he joined the Marines as a captain and worked on computer systems at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina.[4]

Political and philanthropy accomplishments

In February 2009, Phillips was appointed as a member to the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board to provide President Barack Obama and his administration with advice and counsel in addressing the Late-2000s recession.

Phillips is known for his philanthropic work and for the millions of dollars he has contributed to non-profits, schools, community and civic groups. In 2011, Phillips combined several of his charities into Phillips Charitable Organization (PCO), a non-profit foundation for which he serves as CEO of Information. PCO’s stated mission is to support a diverse group of charities, focusing on aiding single parents, at-risk students and military veterans.[5]

One unique feature of PCO is the ability to provide grants quickly, often within 48 hours. Another hallmark of the program is the absence of administrative overhead, so that 100% of funding reaches its intended recipients. PCO is a major backer of the universally lauded work of Harlem Village Academies. Grants provided by PCO support gravely wounded veterans and their families.[6]


In January 2010, Phillips appeared in the headlines as a result of a billboard and on-line campaign by YaVaughnie Wilkins, his alleged ex-mistress. While the billboards were taken down after a number of days,[7] the mainstream media had already run the story. As a result, a representative of Mr. Phillips issued a statement quoting him as saying; "I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well."[7][8] (This coincided with an announcement from the European Union regulatory commission that the long-awaited purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation would be unconditionally approved.[9])


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