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for the New Zealand boxer see Charlie Purdy

Writer and etiquette expert Charles Purdy is the author of the book "Urban Etiquette: Marvelous Manners for the Modern Metropolis"[1][2] (Wildcat Canyon Press, 2004; ISBN 978-1-885171-82-5). He has written modern-etiquette columns for the San Francisco Weekly,, and Genre magazine; his advice has appeared in publications such as "Real Simple,"[3] the "Wall Street Journal," and "Men's Health"; and he has appeared on numerous television shows as a guest expert. As "Charles in Charge," he has also been a regular guest of KFOG Radio's "Morning Show," in San Francisco, California.

Purdy has worked as a writer and editor for Macworld magazine, Yahoo!, and He is now a founding partner of the creative agency Moxy Creative.[4]


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