Charles de Croÿ

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Charles de Croÿ
Bishop of Tournai
Installed 1524
Term ended 1564
Predecessor Louis Guillard
Successor Guibert D'Ongnies
Personal details
Born 1506
Died 11 December 1564 (aged 57–58)

Charles de Croÿ Prince of Chimay (Dutch: Karel van Croij; 1506 – 11 December 1564)[1] was a bishop of the See of Tournai in present-day Belgium from 1524 until 1564.

Charles was born in 1506 as a member of the House of Croÿ. He was a nephew of William de Croÿ, Lord of Chièvres (1458-1521) and a brother of William de Croÿ, Archbishop of Toledo (1498-1521). He matriculated at the University of Louvain in 1523. Among Charles' teachers were Adrianus Barlandus, Jacobus Latomus, and Johannes Driedo.

A biography of Pierre Cotrel, vicar-general of the Diocese of Tournai from 1497 to 1545, mentions Charles,[2] as do materials describing a château he built in the village of Moorsel in 1546.[3]

He was Abbot of Affligem Abbey between 1521-1564.


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