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Charles van Sandwyk (born 1966, in South Africa) is a Canadian artist, illustrator and author.[1]


Born in South Africa, van Sandwyk was exposed to art from an early age, as his father was a graphic designer. At age 12, he emigrated to Canada where his family settled in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, British Columbia. While a high school student he earned income by performing for children as a magician and unicyclist. His artistic ability began while still in elementary school, where he was an exceptional calligrapher, a talent which he still uses in his illustrations to this day. He experimented with copper plate etchings as a teen, and developed his unique style. He studied commercial art at Capilano College. At age 19, he travelled to Fiji and developed a deep connection with the South Pacific. For a number of years, he spent several months annually on the tiny island of Tavewa, five hours by boat from Fiji's main island of Viti Levu.[2]

Some of van Sandwyk's paintings hang in the National Library of Canada, as well as in several important private collections. He is the author and illustrator of several books including The Parade to Paradise, How to See Fairies, and Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds. He has provided illustrations for Folio Society editions of The Blue Fairy Book, The Wind in the Willows, and a Limited Centenary Edition of Wind In The Willows.

Partial list of publications[edit]

  • 1986 A Collection of Neighbourly Birds
  • 1991 Affairs of the Heart According to Birds
  • 1992 The Parade to Paradise Raincoast / Smithmark Books
  • 1992 The Parade to Paradise [signed, with an etching]
  • 1992 Affairs of the Heart According to Birds
  • 1993 How to See Fairies
  • 1994 Wee Folk Seattle Bookfair Award winner
  • 1995 Sketches From the Dream Island of Birds
  • 1996 Sketches From a Tropic Isle
  • 1997 Pocket Guide to the Little People
  • 1999 Animal Wisdom
  • 2000 The Gnome King's Treasure Song
  • 2001 The Fairies Christmas
  • 2002 The Meaning of Mice
  • 2004 Mr. Rabbit's Christmas Wish
  • 2007 Twenty-One Years, Twenty-One Prints & Suites
  • 2007 The Simple Line
  • 2008 Mr Rabbit's Symphony of Nature
  • 2008 After Glow
  • 2009 The Philosopher's Cupboard, signed, limited to 199 numbered copies
  • 2009 The Fairy Market
  • 2009 Canadian Content
  • 2011 Betwixt And Between: The Art and Influences of Charles van Sandwyk, signed, limited to 100 numbered copies
  • 2012 Will O' The Wisps, signed, limited to 35 numbered copies
  • 2012 Full Moon Eyes
  • 2012 I Believe


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