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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks in 2006, by order of first appearance.

Mike Barnes[edit]

Mike Barnes is a fictional character from the soap opera Hollyoaks, played by famous Coronation Street actor, Tony Hirst.

Michaela McQueen[edit]

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Ste Hay[edit]

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Eddie Griffiths[edit]

Eddie Griffiths
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Che Watson
Duration 2006, 2008–09, 2010
First appearance 2006
Last appearance 6 April 2010
Occupation Sergeant

Edward "Eddie" Griffiths has been played by actor and musician, Che Watson since 2006

Eddie is a police officer and works alongside Calvin Valentine. Eddie first appeared in 2006, when Calvin was going to move in with him. Calvin then decided not to after the death of his mother. In 2008, Eddie found drugs in Calvin's coat pocket after seeing him with Nige. The following day, Eddie confronted Calvin and told him that he was going to report him to Superintendent Lacey, but Calvin later convinced him not to.

He returned on 15 September 2008, during a routine search of The Loft.

On 5 February 2009, it was revealed that he had been promoted to sergeant, although on 6 April 2010 he wore a Constable's uniform.

Warren Fox[edit]

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Mercedes McQueen[edit]

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Myra McQueen[edit]

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Carmel McQueen[edit]

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Jacqui McQueen[edit]

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John Paul McQueen[edit]

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Charlie Dean[edit]

Charlie Dean
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Joshua McConville (2006-10)
Charlie Behan (2011-)
Duration 2006–
First appearance December 2006
Hollyoaks Later (2012)
Home 1 Stockton Lane

Charles "Charlie" Adam Dean is the son of Becca Hayton and Justin Burton, Becca gave birth to him after being sentenced to imprisonment after alleged under-age activity with Justin Burton. After Charlie was born, it was unknown whether Justin or Jake Dean was his father. Becca originally gave Charlie to Jake, but when Justin firsts meets Charlie after stealing Jake's car Justin realizes he is the dad. Steph Dean convinced Jake to take a paternity test in January 2007, but Jake destroyed the results and assumed the role of Charlie's father, along with Nancy Osborne.

When Charlie was taken in to hospital in January 2008 for leukaemia treatment, it was revealed that Jake was not the biological father (his blood did not match that of Charlie), and that Justin was actually the father of Charlie. After the start of the custody proceedings between Nancy and Jake (following Jake's attempted rape of Nancy), in March 2008, Jake attempted to take his own life, along with that of Charlie. Jake was put into a secure unit and Justin convinced Jake to confess to the murder of Sean Kennedy (although he had nothing to do with the murder) in agreement that he would stop backing Nancy with her case to get custody. Jake agreed under the condition that not only Justin back up Frankie in the court case, but also walk out of Charlie's life for good. Charlie stayed with Frankie.

Charlie was mentioned on Friday 6 March 2009 during a conversation between Justin, his father's flatmate Ste Hay and a group of men in The Dog in the Pond who call themselves "The Rowdy Boys". They were talking about their children and Ste informed them that Justin had a little boy, he then proceeded to say that Justin didn't mind not being part of his son's life to which Justin replied that Charlie was better off where he was. One of "The Rowdy Boys" Ste's friend Natty then said that he'd have to be somewhere pretty good then. Justin got angry told Natty he didn't know anything about him (Justin) and stormed off.

On 3 June 2009, Justin left the village asking best friend Ste Hay to keep an eye on Charlie. In October 2009, Jake was released from a secure unit but was told he must stay away from Charlie. Frankie still couldn't trust Jake, and gave Charlie to Nancy.

In 2012 Charlie's aunt Nancy married Darren Osborne, and they moved into the Pub meaning Charlie was with Frankie once again. In December of that same year, Charlie Dean ran away from home and falls over and bashes his head off a tree branch. The Osbournes get a search party out to find him. Seamus Brady finds Charlie and saves him.

In August 2013, Sienna tricks Nancy saying to take the children that she is allowed to but isn't so Nancy takes them. Sienna ties herself up in the kitchen and turns the gas on, Sienna and Darren phone the police and Nancy collides into lots of cars and bashes into a brick wall on top of the hospital roof and the car is half way off the roof, Nancy tells Charlie to take Oscar out the seat CAREFULLY and for him to climb into the front he does it and Nancy tells Charlie to play a game and climb out the car they do it and the car falls off but luckily Oscar Osborne, Charlie and Nancy get out, Joe Roscoe and Sandy Roscoe are standing at the bottom and Sienna Blake and Darren are with the police, Nancy hands Oscar and Charlie over and gets arrested and also gets put to a secure unit, Charlie and Tom Cunningham are really missing Nancy, when will Nancy get out?

In September 2013 Darren (with his girlfriend Sienna) moves out of the Pub and tries to take Charlie with him. However, Frankie and Jack protest Charlie moving out of the Pub because Charlie is only related to Nancy and not Darren. Sienna finds out Frankie cheated on Jack with Ziggy Roscoe, and blackmails Frankie into letting Charlie stay with Darren. Frankie agrees, and Charlie moves in with Darren. Soon afterwards, after being persuaded by Darren to change her statement about Nancy because Tom ran away (we later find out that he was kidnapped by Sienna), Nancy is given the flat by Darren and they move back into the pub.

Mrs. Webster[edit]

Mrs Webster
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Christine Mackie
Duration 2006–08
First appearance 2006
Last appearance January 2008
Occupation Headmistress

Mrs. Webster was the head teacher at Hollyoaks High School. She spoke to Nancy Hayton when she was struggling in school due to her sister Becca Dean's murder, and later when Nancy accused of sexual harassment. Mrs. Webster's son Pete Webster worked as a teacher and sexually harassed Tina McQueen in October 2007. Tina told Mrs. Webster, who made her son apologise. Pete later tried to force himself on Tina, fired her, and was humiliated by her sister Jacqui McQueen. In January 2008, following Michaela McQueen's overdose, she performed a spot check of all the students' lockers for drugs. She almost uncovered Fletch's drugs in his locker, but was stopped by the fire alarm.

In June 2008 she was involved in the story about Josh and Michaela cheating in their coursework. They both eventually were suspended for a week. Also Sasha Valentine and Fletch stole her laptop to sell for drugs but it was eventually returned. During both of these happenings, Mrs Webster never made an appearance.

Mrs. Wesbter was not seen on-screen again because in November 2008, Govinda Roy, the father of Ravi Roy, Ash Roy, Anita Roy and Leila Roy, debuted as the new headmaster at Hollyoaks High.[1]

Diane Valentine[edit]

Diane Valentine
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Pauline Black
Duration 2006
First appearance 17 July 2006
Last appearance 20 July 2006

Diane Valentine and her three children bought the home of Liz Burton and their arrival started off inauspiciously when they had to forcibly remove Liz's daughters Sophie and Mel. Diane was proud of her oldest son, Calvin, although she was upset about his plans to leave home once he graduated from the police force. Sonny was involved in various criminal activities Diane knew nothing about. Her daughter, Sasha was the youngest of the family and coping with growing up.

Diane's stay in town was short-lived, on her way to her car, she dropped her keys. When she bent over to pick them up, she didn't see Jake Dean's car driving towards her and she was hit and killed.

Diane's death shattered her family, as their absentee father Leo showed up to try to pick up the pieces.

Calvin Valentine[edit]

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Sasha Valentine[edit]

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Leo Valentine[edit]

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Sonny Valentine[edit]

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Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Benjamin Hart
Duration 2006–07
First appearance 31 August 2006
Last appearance 2 January 2007

"Foz" was the boyfriend of Nancy Hayton. He is a tattooist and was working in a tattoo parlour when Nancy met him. Foz is a counter-stereotype; although heavily tattooed and pierced, he is actually philosophical, peaceful and artistic. He painted a 'realistic' memorial to those who died in The Dog fire, to the dismay of the bereaved Justin Burton. After losing the premises to his tattoo parlour, Foz decided to go back to college and he became a part-time lecturer and MA student at Hollyoaks Community College. He has a free spirited New Age mother (Willow) who made a brief appearance. According to Willow, she spent Foz's childhood taking him touring round circus and women's camps.

As of 2 January 2007, Foz has left Hollyoaks as a result of a higher calling; to serve and assist the impoverished of Goa. Nancy had agreed to go with him, but changed her mind at the last minute. They said they loved each other, and Foz said maybe he'd run into her somewhere in the world someday. His final words were, "Take care."

Davey Thomas[edit]

Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Alex Preston
Duration 2006–07
First appearance October 2006
Last appearance March 2007

"Davey Thomas" was the boyfriend of a con Jacqui McQueen met in prison. He first appeared when he demanded 10k of Jacqui which she had got from a men's public bathroom after doing a favour for her mate in prison with help from her sister Mercedes. On their way out they accidentally dropped the vase the money was in which meant them taking the money back to their house. When Carmel McQueen found out about the money she stole 4k of the money to get her boobs done. When Davey found out about this he demanded his other 4k. Mercedes' boyfriend Russ and Jacqui's mum Myra gave him what they had, but it was still not enough. Several months later, he returned, demanding Jacqui marry Albanian immigrant Aleksander Malota. Jacqui refused, but eventually gave in. On her wedding day, she again changed her mind, but Davey showed up at the wedding. During a fight with Jacqui's boyfriend Tony, Jacqui knocked Davey out, but when he woke up, he informed her that they were both now in debt to very powerful people who would hurt her and her family. Jacqui relented and married Alek. When they split up several months later, with Aleksander returning to Albania, there were no apparent consequences.

Ricky Bowen[edit]

Ricky Bowen
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Simon Cassidy
Duration 2006
First appearance December 2006
Last appearance December 2006

Richard "Ricky" Bowen is the father of McQueen siblings Carmel, John Paul, and Michaela. Ricky had a relationship with Myra McQueen and became stepfather to her three daughters Jacqui, Mercedes and Tina. Ricky went on to have three more children with Myra. After youngest daughter Michaela was born he left Myra and the children for their next door neighbours 17 year old daughter Heather McCallister who later gave birth to his younger son Richard. He had come in and out his children's lives and Carmel and John Paul had learned not to trust him, but Michaela wanted a chance to get to know him. She managed to get his number and he came to visit her. He told her he wanted to make up for the past, but while they were alone in the house, he convinced her to go out to the store. While she was gone, he stole the family's Christmas gifts, liquor, and television. Michaela was heartbroken.

Other characters[edit]

Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Declan 10 March 2006 Tim Smith Declan was in charge of the group called Strawmen. Steph contacted him to see her boyfriend Cameron for a spot in the band. Declan was very impressed and Cameron went off on a European tour he never returned from.
Brian Fletcher 5 April 2006 Craig Conway Brian was a relationship counselor Sean Kennedy went to see with estranged wife Louise Summers. Their constant bickering convinced Brian that they were unsuitable as a couple, but Louise's anger over this pronouncement led her to a passionate kiss with Sean.
Tommy McIntyre 11 April 2006 Ash Tandon Tommy was selling clothes in the SU Bar when Joe Spencer and friend Jez browsed through his items. Tommy liked Joe's jacket, which Joe had designed himself, and purchased from him, planning to sell.
Police Officer 11 April 2006 Loveday Smith A police officer who arrested Jessica Harris, Olivia Johnson, and Tony Hutchinson for a naked protest at Il Gnosh.
Scotty summer 2006 Matthew Ganley Scotty appeared in four episodes. He worked for Warren Fox, involved in tasks such as beating up a man who owed Warren money.
Carl 14 August 2006 Ian McHale Carl owed Warren money, but could only pay him some part. Louise Summers witnessed the tense exchange, and later saw Scotty beating and threatening Carl. She called the police.
Shane 14 August 2006 Graeme Dalling Shane was the cause of a car accident. Calvin Valentine, who had recently lost his mother in a car accident, was one of the first cops at the scene, and intimidated Shane to the point where he fled. Calvin caught up with him and jumped him, but before anything else could happen, Calvin's partner Eddie separated them.
Penny Hathaway 17–18 August 2006 Tara Daniels Penny worked at Zedek, a market research company Mel Burton briefly worked for. At the end of Mel's first day, Penny asked her to join the group for a drink. Mel reluctantly agreed, and soon got completely drunk, berating her co-workers as they left the restaurant. The next day, Penny fired Mel, who had no memory of what had happened, and told her where to get her money.
Jonathan Winrow 17 August 2006 Andrew Hinton Brown Jonathan was a reporter for the Chester Herald. He interviewed Gilly Roach after Gilly stopped a robbery.
Mrs. Temple 27 October 2006 Julie Goodyear Mrs. Temple ran the Homely Private Hotel, temporary home of the Dean family after the Dog burned down. During their six week stay at the B&B, they managed to break every rule. Mrs. Temple finally threw them out after Darren accidentally walked in on Steph whilst she was in the shower. Mrs. Temple lusted after Jake and told him he could stay on as a handyman if he wanted.
Willow October 2006 Marella Oppenheim When Nancy Hayton thought her boyfriend Foz was cheating on her, she tracked him down, only to find him talking to his mother, Willow. Willow was a self-described "New Age traveller" who'd dropped into town for a visit. She had taken Foz from place to place throughout his childhood, always championing the causes she believed in, and she felt her son had sold out. In spite of their sparring, mother and son cared about each other. Willow talked to Nancy about self-empowerment and encouraged her to fight for her sister Becca's freedom. After telling Foz about her new lover and getting Foz to agree to a visit, she returned home.
Joe Jones November 2006 Steven Cabra Debbie Dean got her sister Steph an audition for famous rock star Joe Jones. Joe was more interested in bedding Steph. He led her to believe they had a future together, only to be gone by the time she woke up the next morning. Steph got her revenge by selling her story to a tabloid.


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