Charlie Peacock (album)

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Charlie Peacock
Studio album by Charlie Peacock
Released November 1986 (1986-11)
Genre Contemporary Christian
Label Island
Charlie Peacock chronology
Lie Down in the Grass
Charlie Peacock
West Coast Diaries: Vol. 1

Charlie Peacock is one of several releases by the American contemporary Christian music artist Charlie Peacock.

The bulk of the Charlie Peacock album was originally recorded for A&M Records and was initially slated to appear on an album titled Town Hall. Upon hearing the finished master, A&M declined to release it. Island Records licensed the recording for release, dropped the title, and made various changes in song selection including adding a reworked version of "Lie Down in the Grass" (the title cut from the artist's debut recording in 1984). This Collector Series CD includes all the master recordings produced for this project-from its inception at A&M to its final release on Island Records in November 1986.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Message Boy (video remix)*
  2. Counting The Cost
  3. Down In The Lowlands
  4. Lie Down In The Grass
  5. Riding Into Wonderland*
  6. It's No Surprise
  7. Dizzy Dean Movie
  8. Forever Strangers
  9. I Will Need Your Help
  10. My People
  11. Already I'm Falling*
  12. Waiting On The Perfect Moment*
  13. Conversing With Mercy
  14. Message Boy

Contributing musicians[edit]

  • Drums: Mike Urbano (2,5,7,8,9,10,11,12), Bruce Spencer (4,14)
  • Beat Box: Aaron Smith (3), Mike Urbano (3)
  • Berimbau: Bongo Bob Smith (3)
  • Tom Toms: Steve Griffith (4)
  • Percussion: Bongo Bob Smith (4,6)
  • Bass: Randy Jackson (2,5,7,9,10,11), Eric Heilman (3,13), Daryl C. Anders (4,14)
  • Z-Bass: Eric Heilman (10)
  • Guitar: Lyle Workman (2,3,5,8,9,11,12,13), Michael Roe (4,6), Phil Palmer (5,7), Michael Miller (10,14), Jim Abegg (14)
  • Acoustic Guitar: Jim Abegg (4)
  • Keyboards: John Weber (4,14)
  • Trumpet: Larry Lunetta (4), Stan Mark (14)
  • Trombone: Shelley Denny (14)
  • Sax: Mike Butera (14)
  • Backing Vox: Clarice Jones(3,9), Kathy Melberg (3,9,10,14), Shelley Burns (3,9), Michael Roe (4), Steve Griffith (4), Brent Bourgeois (10,14), Cory Fite (10)