Charlier polynomials

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In mathematics, Charlier polynomials (also called Poisson–Charlier polynomials) are a family of orthogonal polynomials introduced by Carl Charlier. They are given in terms of the generalized hypergeometric function by

C_n(x; \mu)= {}_2F_0(-n,-x,-1/\mu)=(-1)^n n! L_n^{(-1-x)}\left(-\frac 1 \mu \right),\,

where L are Laguerre polynomials. They satisfy the orthogonality relation

\sum_{x=0}^\infty \frac{\mu^x}{x!} C_n(x; \mu)C_m(x; \mu)=\mu^{-n} e^\mu n! \delta_{nm}, \quad \mu>0.

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