Charlotta Almlöf

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Charlotta Almlöf
Born Anna Maria Franziska Charlotta Ficker
June 16, 1813
Died 1882
Other names Charlotta Ficker
Spouse(s) Nils Almlöf

Anna Maria Franziska Charlotta Almlöf, née Ficker, (June 16, 1813 – 1882), was a Swedish stage actress.

Daughter of Christian Fredrik Ficker, a musician at Kungliga Hovkapellet, and sister of the opera singer Mathilda Gelhaar, she was enrolled in Dramatens elevskola in 1830. She was contracted as a premier actress at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1834, and retired in 1859.

She was described as beautiful and gracious and was popular in the part of coquettish girls and flirtatious gentlewomen in the popular genre of the time, salon comedies. She replaced Charlotta Eriksson to some extent in her field in the theatre. She was one of the most popular actresses among the audience, but she was not as popular among the critics as she was to the public. The critics described her as overestimated and unnable to live up to the high expectations, beautiful, elegant and with good posture but artificial and affectatious. Her popularity among the public, however, made her one of the stars of the royal stage and one of the more noted of the actors in the Swedish theatre history. In 1843, she was one of the highest paid actors of the theatre.

She was a student of Nils Almlöf, whom she married in 1839.