Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West

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Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West
Flag of New Brunswick.svg New Brunswick electoral district
Charlotte-The Isles (2014-).png
The riding of Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West (as it exists from 2014) in relation to other New Brunswick electoral districts.
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Rick Doucet
District created 2006
District abolished 2006
First contested 2006
Population (2011) 15,276[1]
Electors (2013) 11,008[2]
Census divisions Charlotte, Saint John

Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West is a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada.


It was created as Charlotte-The Isles in 2006 as a result of a merger of the old district of Charlotte with the district of Fundy Isles less Campobello Island which moved from Fundy Isles to the new Charlotte-Campobello district. The largest community within this riding is the town of St. George.

Rick Doucet, is the current member of the Legislative Assembly represented this riding. A Liberal, he was first elected in the 2003 election to represent the former district of Charlotte. He was re-elected to represent this new district in 2006 and joined the cabinet as Minister of Fisheries.

Under the recommendations of a 2012 Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission, the boundaries of district where adjusted and accepted by the Provincial Government. While the district lost polls from its western boundary, it gained area in the east with the addition of polls in St. John County. The commission did not recommend a name change, but the electoral boundaries commission changed its name from Charlotte-The Isles to Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West.[3]

Currently, Jason Gaudet is the Liberal President of the riding, Sharon Tucker is the Progressive Conservative President of the riding and Teresa "Terry" James is the riding President for NDP New Brunswick. .


2010 New Brunswick election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
     Liberal Rick Doucet 3176 51.27 *
     Progressive Conservative Sharon Tucker 2286 36.90 *
     NDP Sharon Greenlaw 305 4.92 *
People's Alliance Theresa James 248 4.00 *
Green Burt Folkins 180 2.91 *
2006 New Brunswick election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
     Liberal Rick Doucet 3619 55.57 *
     Progressive Conservative Wayne Sturgeon 2627 40.33 *
     NDP Sharon Greenlaw 267 4.1 *



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