Charlotte Agell

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Charlotte Agell
Born Charlotte Agell
September 1959
Norsjö, Sweden
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Notable works Shift, Welcome Home Or Someplace Like It

Charlotte Agell (born 1959) is a Swedish-born American author for young adults and children who currently lives in Maine. Her second novel, Shift, was featured on the front cover of the Brunswick Times Record in October 2008.[1] Agell has also written some picture books for young children.


Early life[edit]

Charlotte Agell was born in Norsjö, Sweden, in 1959 and her family moved to Montreal, Canada, when she was 18 months old. She lived there for about 10 years and attended Carlye Elementary School before returning to Sweden at 11 years of age, but for a brief time. Her family then moved to Hong Kong, where she attended Hong Kong International School.

Literary career[edit]

In 1977, Agell left Hong Kong to go to Maine where she would then graduate from Bowdoin College and start her literary career. She earned a M.A. in teaching. In addition to writing and illustrating her own books, she teaches three days a week in the Yarmouth Public Schools.

List of books published[edit]

Young adult novels[edit]

Picture books[edit]

Chapter Books[edit]


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