Charlotte Barker

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Charlotte Barker
Born 1962 (age 51–52)
Occupation Actress
Parents Ronnie Barker
Joy Tubb

Charlotte Barker (born 1962) is a British actress.

She was born to British comedian Ronnie Barker and Joy Tubb. Charlotte worked mostly in theatre. Her television works included her debut in the 1985 film Frankie and Johnnie by Martin Campbell. She also appeared in episodes of the television sitcoms Open All Hours (1985) (together with her father) and Fresh Fields (1985), as well as in the crime series Maigret (1992) with Michael Gambon. Another known role was in David Leland's 1987 film Wish You Were Here.

Her younger brother, Adam, was an actor, too, who is regularly seen on television screens as DC Potter in replays of Wycliffe. Her elder brother, Larry, retired after a successful career in advertising.

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