Charlotte Gower Chapman

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Charlotte Gower Chapman
Charlotte Gower Chapman (1902-1982) (5493789731)
"Miss Charlotte Gower studies Sicilians in their native hills, in ChicagoŒs Little Italy, in agricultural settlements in the south."
Born 1902
Died 1982
Nationality USA
Fields Ethnology

Charlotte Gower Chapman, born Charlotte Day Gower,[1] was an ethnologist and an author. In 1928, she received a Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Later on while working at Lingnan University in China during WWII she was taken prisoner by the Japanese when the US entered the war, but was released by 1942. After, she joined the United States Marine Corps and worked in the Office of Strategic Services until 1947 when she became an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency until her retirement in 1964.[2]

Chapman wrote an anthropological study titled Milocca: A Sicilian Village, which included a detailed account of everyday life in a small rural Sicilian town. It was one of the first cultural anthropological works of its kind. [1] The study, based on her fieldwork completed in 1935, was not published until 1971. [3]


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