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Chara fragilis
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Archaeplastida
(unranked): Viridiplantae
Division: Charophyta
(unranked): Streptophyta
Class: Charophyceae
Smith, 1938
  • Characeae Rabenhorst, 1863[1]

Charophyceae is a class (biology) of charophyte green algae. Some botanists include Charophyceae and chlorophyte green algae in the plant kingdom. [2] Charophyceae are a class within the Streptophyta.[3][4][5] Current consensus treats Charophyceae as a class under division Charophyta, with Chlorophyta remaining a distinct division.[6]

Many of the complex traits related to sexual reproduction, photosynthesis, and other defining characteristics of plants evolved first in Streptophytes; analysis of cpDNA (chloroplast DNA), for instance, reveals that many characteristics of plant chloroplasts evolved first in the Streptophyte genera Staurastrum and Zygnema.[2][7]


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