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Family name
Pronunciation Shaur PAHN' t'yih
Meaning worker or fixer of wood, builder of wood
Related names Carpenter, Zimmermann, Zimmerman, Carpentier, Zimerman

Charpentier (pronounced: [ʃaʁ.pɑ̃.tje]) is the French word for "carpenter" and a French surname. A variant spelling is Carpentier. In English the name is spelled Carpenter (surname) while in German it is Zimmermann.

The origin of the name dates to 900-1000 where Charpentier comes from Old French, Late Latin: carpentarius artifex or wainwright, equivalent to Latin carpent(um) two wheeled carriage ( < Celt; cf. OIr carpad chariot) + arius - ARY; see ER2.[1]

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