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The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, now trading as the Chartered Banker Institute, was established in 1875 and is the oldest professional banking institute in the world and the only remaining banking institute in the UK. It aims to help rebuild public confidence in banks and bankers by developing and embedding high ethical, professional and technical standards.[1] In 2011, the Institute led the establishment of the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB), [2] which develops and supports UK the implementation of industry-wide professional standards which set out the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours expected of all UK bankers.

The Chartered Banker Institute provides a wide range of qualifications for banking and financial services, and is the only professional body authorised by the UK Privy Council to award the prestigious Chartered Banker designation to qualified bankers.[3]

Based at Drumsheugh House in Edinburgh, the Institute has more than 16,000 members in 35 countries.

Chartered Banker[edit]

Chartered Banker is the professional qualification awarded to qualified members of the Chartered Banker Institute.[4] To become a Chartered Banker, individuals must pass a series of rigorous examinations on subjects including ethics, credit and lending, risk management and management and leadership. Chartered Bankers are required to complete a minimum of 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) per year, including 5 hours of ethics training, and subscribe to the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct.[5]

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