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This article is about the magazine. For the movement, see Chartism.

Chartist is a bi-monthly democratic socialist magazine which has been published in Britain since the 1970s.

The magazine's editorial policy is firmly aligned with what was once termed the soft left of the Labour Party, supporting such causes as the Grassroots Alliance slate in NEC elections and the Save The Labour Party initiative. Its readership and editorial board is not confined, however, to the Labour Party or any one of its factions as it seeks to invite debate with the broader left that includes greens and various independence movements.Chartist defines its policy as being "to promote debate amongst people active in radical politics about the contemporary relevance of democratic socialism across the spectrum of politics, economics, science, philosophy, art, interpersonal relations – in short, the whole realm of social life".

The current editor is Mike Davis. The magazine's production editor and web editor is Andy Morton. Other members of the Editorial Board include Duncan Bowie (Reviews), Peter Chalk, Mike Davis (Editor), David Floyd, Don Flynn, Roger Gillham, Peter Kenyon (Treasurer), Frank Lee, Dave Lister, Mary Southcott, Cat Smith, James Grayson, Patricia d’Ardenne and Sheila Osmanovic.

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