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Charu Nivedita
Charu Nivedita 1.jpg
Born K.Arivazhagan
18 December 1953
Nagore, Tamil Nadu, India
Pen name Charu Nivedita
Occupation Writer, Novelist
Nationality Indian
Genre Autofiction, Transgressive Fiction, Metafiction, Postmodernism
Notable works Zero Degree, Exile, Rasaleela, Morgue Keeper
Spouse Avanthika

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Charu Nivedita (born 18 December 1953) is a postmodern, transgressive Tamil writer, based in Chennai, India. His novel Zero Degree was longlisted for the 2013 edition of Jan Michalski Prize for Literature.[1] He is inspired by Marquis de Sade and Andal.[2]


Charu Nivedita's first novel Existentialismum Fancy Baniyanum is about how a young man overcomes the angst of his life through his writings. His novel Zero Degree is an example of transgressive fiction, as it transformed what is termed as taboo.[3] His next novel was Raasa Leela, a satire on governmental bureaucracy, and Kaamarooba Kadhaigal, an internet novel.

His columns appear in magazines such as The Asian Age,[4] Deccan Chronicle,[5] and Swarajya.[6] He currently writes a column on Latin American Cinema in Pesaamoli;[7] a Q & A column in Andhimazhai magazine.[8]

His upcoming novel Puthiya Exile is to be released on January 5, 2015. He is working on his next novel Srivilliputhur[9] and Judas, a novella.



  1. Existentialism and Fancy Baniyan (எக்ஸிஸ்டென்ஷியலிஸமும் ஃபேன்ஸி பனியனும்) - Tamil / Malayalam
  2. Zero Degree (ஸீரோ டிகிரி) - Tamil / English / Malayalam
  3. Kaamarooba kadhaigal (காமரூப கதைகள்)
  4. Thegam (தேகம்)
  5. Rasaleela (ராஸலீலா)
  6. Exile(எக்ஸைல்) - Tamil / Malayalam
  7. Puthiya Exile (புதிய எக்ஸைல்)

Short stories[edit]

  1. NaNo
  2. Madumitha Sonna Pambu Kadhaigal(மதுமிதா சொன்ன பாம்புக் கதைகள்)
  3. Oorin miga azhagaana Pen – Translated short stories from world Literature (ஊரின் மிக அழகான பெண் – மொழிபெயர்ப்புச் சிறுகதைகள்)
  4. Shakespeare-in Minnanjal Mugavari(Shakespeare's e-mail address)
  5. Morgue Keeper - Selected short stories in English in Kindle
  6. Diabolically Yours in Exotic Gothic 5, Vol. II

Collection of articles[edit]

  1. Kalagam Kaadhal Isai (கலகம் காதல் இசை)
  2. Konal Pakkangal (கோணல் பக்கங்கள்)
  3. Konal Pakkangal II (கோணல் பக்கங்கள் II)
  4. Konal Pakkangal III (கோணல் பக்கங்கள் III)
  5. Yenakku Kuzhandhaigalai Pidikadhu (எனக்குக் குழந்தைகளைப் பிடிக்காது)
  6. Kadavulum Nanum (கடவுளும் நானும்)
  7. Thappu Thalangal (தப்புத் தாளங்கள்)
  8. Theeraakaadhali (தீராக்காதலி)
  9. Varambu Meeriya Pradhigal (வரம்பு மீறிய பிரதிகள்)
  10. Dhisai Ariyum Paravaigal (திசை அறியும் பறவைகள்)
  11. Moodupani Saalai (மூடுபனிச் சாலை)
  12. Vaazhvadhu eppadi (வாழ்வது எப்படி?)
  13. Ketta vaarththai (கெட்ட வார்த்தை)
  14. Malaavi endroru Desam (மலாவி என்றொரு தேசம்)
  15. Arugil Varaadhey (அருகில் வராதே)
  16. Kanavugalin mozhipeyarppaalan (கனவுகளின் மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளன்)
  17. Manamkoththi paravai (மனம் கொத்திப் பறவை)


  1. Rendaam aattam (ரெண்டாம் ஆட்டம்)

Literary review[edit]

  1. Dante-yin Siruththai (தாந்தேயின் சிறுத்தை)

Cinema review[edit]

  1. Cinema: Alainthuthiribavanin Azhagiyal (சினிமா: அலைந்து திரிபவனின் அழகியல்)
  2. Cinema Cinema (சினிமா சினிமா)
  3. Naragaththilirundhu oru kural (நரகத்திலிருந்து ஒரு குரல்)
  4. Kanavugalin Nadanam (கனவுகளின் நடனம்)

Collection of political commentaries[edit]

  1. Azaadhi Azaadhi Azaadhi (அஸாதி அஸாதி அஸாதி)
  2. Adhigaaram Amaidhi Sudhanthiram (அதிகாரம் அமைதி சுதந்திரம்)

Collection of interviews[edit]

  1. Ozhunginmaiyin Veriyaattam (ஒழுங்கின்மையின் வெறியாட்டம்)

Awards and accolades[edit]

Literary contemporaries on Charu Nivedita[edit]

  • In his foreword to the Malayalam translation of Zero Degree, Paul Zacharia wrote, "It is like an open experimental laboratory. Amidst the smoke, noxious vapors, and beautiful imagery, I experienced a wondrous journey."[10]
  • Tarun Tejpal wrote that Zero Degree is remarkable for its experimental voice and its varying and shifting tonalities.[11]
  • Anil Menon considers Zero Degree bold and ambitious.[12]
  • Translator Jason Grunebaum considers Zero Degree "wildly exciting".[13]

Public events[edit]

Literary festivals[edit]

Film festivals[edit]

  • Charu Nivedita was invited as the Guest of Honour on March 10, 2002 at the National Folklore Support Centre Folk Festival, Chennai.[23]
  • He inaugurated the Third SIO Samvedana Vedhi International Film Festival, 2010, organised by the Students Islamic Organisation of India wing of the University of Calicut.[24]
  • He inaugurated the International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu 2010, Chennai, organised by the International Tamil Film Academy and Seventh Channel Communications.[25]
  • He ianugurated the Fourth Panchajanyam International Film Festival 2011 at Chittur, Kerala.[26]
  • He inaugurated the valedictory session of the Third International Film Festival 2011, Kochi, which was jointly organised by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, Heart Light Association and the Ernakulam District Information Office.[27]
  • At the 2013 Chennai Rainbow Film Festival(LGBT Film Festival), presented by Alliance Française de Madras, he participated in the 'Panel Discussion on Media Portrayal of LGBT issues.'[28][29]

Lectures and meets[edit]

  • Charu Nivedita delivered the 2009 Paul Chirakkarode Memorial Lecture at Kottayam.[30]
  • He was invited to speak at the valedictory function of ‘Thattakaperuma,' a series of programmes to observe the second death anniversary of Kovilan, Malayalam writer at Thrissur on June 3, 2012.[31]
  • He delivered the commemoration speech at the 'Bob Marley Cultural Fest' on May 11, 2010 at Kochi.[32][33]
  • He was one of the panelists at the Outlook Speak Out debate 2010, Chennai on the subject 'Moral Policing in a Democracy'.[34]

Social activism[edit]

  • He was invited as the chief guest of Sambavas' annual celebrations (a Dalit caste) at Chalakudy in Kerala on May 11, 2008.[35]
  • He inaugurated a meeting and spoke among the adivasis protesting against wanton clay mining at Velichikala, near Kollam.[36]
  • He addressed a gathering of Plachimada villagers who were on a relay hunger strike against Coca-Cola's wanton over-drawing of groundwater and polluting water bodies.[37]
  • He marched with villagers protesting against Coca-Cola and Pepsi's wanton overdrawing of groundwater at Kanjikode, near Palakkad on August 29, 2008.[38]
  • He inaugurated a symposium on Mullaiperiyar Dam issue organized by 'Uyiru', a joint cultural forum of Tamil and Malayalam writers and social activists on July 7, 2012 at Kottayam.[39]

Universities on Charu Nivedita[edit]


  • "I convert my schizoid (state) into an art."[43]
  • "There is nothing like planning in my literature, at any point of time. It's something which gets written between the schizoid state and dreams. Hence, with this same reason, I cannot comment on my writing. Like how I don't accept the roles of a father, a son, a lover, a friend – I despise the role of a writer too. My writing is nothing but the brush strokes of a person trying to escape from hell."
  • "Hatred is a disease."


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