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Chase Bridge Primary School, (or just Chase Bridge) is a mixed-sex primary school in Greater London that lies next to Twickenham Rugby ground, on Kneller Road, in Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Recorded as having 452 students in 2003, it is a community school that is open to pupils between the ages of 4 – 11.

The latest OFSTED governmental report noted that it was "above average size primary school", observing on 11 - 12 January 2011 when the inspection was carried out, that there were 444 pupils on roll. The school currently admits two forms of entry per year group, but is due to expand to three form entry in September 2013 and is currently undergoing extensive building works to accommodate the larger school roll.


Opened in 1953, the school was built on previous allotments, the facility then had considerable sporting installations and even so much as an outside swimming pool - which has however now been demolished to make way for the new school buildings.


It is asserted by the latest OFSTED governmental report that Chase Bridge Primary School, as of early 2011, is a "a good school ... Pupils get a good start to their education, making good progress and achieving well throughout the school.". The school's leadership was praised in its merits of improving the quality of the students' education, and it was stated that "attainment is above average at the end of Key Stage 2, and that the overwhelming majority of pupils achieve well from broadly average starting points, including those who have been identified as gifted and talented." It was further stated that "The quality of care, guidance and support for pupils is good overall, and for those pupils who are vulnerable or who have complex physical needs, it is outstanding."


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