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Chatha (also spelt as Chattha) is a Punjabi Jat tribe that inhabits parts of the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, originally based in Gujranwala and Wazirabad. They are considered to be among top tribe among Jat tribes along with Cheema and Waraich


According to H.A. Rose "A Jat tribe apperently confined to Gujranwala, in which district they hold 81 villages.

They descended from Chattha, a grandson of Prithi Rai, the Chauhan King of Delhi, and brother of the ancestor of the Cheema.
In the 10th generation from Chattha or, as otherwise stated, some 500 years ago, Dahru came from Sambhal in Moradabad, where the
bards of the Karnal Chauhans still live, to the banks of the Chenab and married among the Jat tribes of Gujranwala. 

They were converted to Islam about 1600 A.D. They rose to considerable political importance under the Sikhs; and the history of their leading family is told by Sir Lepel Griffin at pages 402 ff of his Punjab Chiefs. ”

“ They claim to be by origin Chohan jats and to have emigrated to the Punjab from the Delhi District. The date of the emigration is not exactly known , but it was probably about 300 years ago . They rapidly increased in numbers , spreading along the banks of the Chaanab , and founded Naddhala , Manchar , Bangli , Pandorian , and other villages . One Gagu seems to have been the first to adopt the Muhammadan faith , about the year 1600 , and his example was followed by the remainder of the tribe. ”

Chatha was a fierce tribe under warlord Pir Mohd Khan of Rasulnagar, and Alipur Chatha held considerable tracts of land under his control until he lost to Ranjit Singh of Lahore of Sukerchakia.

Distribution in Punjab[edit]

Villages in Gurdaspur district Chatha named village in Batala tahsil in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Villages in Sangrur district Chatha Sekhwan is village in Sangrur tahsil of Sangrur district in Punjab. Chatha Nakta, Chatha Nanhera villages in Sunam tahsil of Sangrur district in Punjab.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh[edit]

in Hapur district

Chattha (चट्ठा) Jats lives in: Dhana Hapur, Babugarh, Garhmukteshwar, Meerpur Kalan, Muradpur (मुरादपुर), Nawada Kalan, Sadullapur Lodi, Yadnagar,

Villages in Meerut district Ghassupur,

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district Mirapur, Tikola

Distribution in Pakistan[edit]

Chatha - The Chatha are found in Sialkot, Gujranwala,Faisalabad and Sargodha districst. They are the largest Jat clan in Rawalpindi District. A few Muslim Chatha were also found in Patiala.

According to 1911 census, the Chatha were one of the principal Muslim Jat clans with population in districts Gujranwala (2,804) and Lyalpur District (Faisalabad District) (967).

Historically Chathas have been confined to the Gujranwala district, in which they have 84 villages. They marry among the Jat tribes of Gujranwala. The Chatha clan is also found south-east of Rawalpindi District, with Hakim Chatha and Chatha Bakhtawar being the most important. Many Chathas migrated to Lyallpur Faislabad and Montgomery Sahiwal districts during the build-up of the canal network by the British.

The group of six Chatha villages of Faisalabad is situated near the town of Chak Jhumra and a village near Barnala called Khanki. People of these villages are peculiar in the sense that they are not direct migrants from Gujranwala. They come from Gurdaspur and are the progeny of one Chatha person who migrated to Gurdaspur from Gujranwala. When the Rakh Branch canal was dug they were allocated agricultural land by the British Indian Government. They came to Faisalabad in 1888 from Gurdaspur. The Rakh Branch canal is the same canal that irrigates much of the Tehsil Samundri passes from Abdullah pur in Faisalabad, and also irrigates the six Chatha villages. The canal originates at Head Khanki. The towns of Sangla Hill and Salarwala are also situated along this canal.

After the partition of the Punjab in 1947, many Sikh Chathas from Gujranwala district migrated to East Punjab.


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